Surgery Update

A lot of you will know I went into hospital yesterday for surgery on my nose. I’ve slept a lot, ate a lot but overall, touch wood, I’m doing Ok. I truly hope this continues.

The hospital staff were fabulous and mum and Bailey stayed with me.

The most unpleasant parts of this trip were waking up with a ventilator tube in my throat. I couldn’t talk and i know, that is tragedy in my book.

Waking up with a rubber tubing stuffed down your throat and panicking slightly as I actually don’t know how I was breathing was damn right up there on nightmare scales.

I used to have a oxygen mask on every time I went to sleep and haven’t ever woke up with a tube down my throat but I’m guessing oxygen mask was out of the question as they were operating on my nose. I was struggling breathing a little so took my inhaler when I got back to the ward.

Everyone was enchanted by the gorgeous dog I have and even the recovery nurse accompanied me back to my room so she could meet him.

I didn’t have packing this time in my nose which did increase my chances for returning home yesterday. I took two tramadil which also wasn’t a pleasant experience. I broke out in hot sweats and felt very funny. I’ve taken tramadil before but not two I don’t think so my body wasn’t thrilled about that experience. I did think something really wrong was happening as I’d had a bit of watery blood drip from my nose and was scared I was about to become a river of red very soon but the nurse cooled me down and told me to rest, and i was fine. There was no more bleeding and I was allowed to go home around eight PM.

Bailey, mum and I were very relieved.

Staff were brilliant and I was very impressed with the care although a little crazy but day cases tend to be I think. Just hoping no infection ensues and I can be back doing the things i do on a daily basis.

Thanks to everyone keeping me in their thoughts and sending me well wishes, I really appreciate it. 🙂

Hugs, MJ

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