Bailey’s Dlog, Entry Nth

Hello doggie and human friends,

Yesterday we went in a taxi, mummy, me and grandma. We went to this place where people’s go, it’s like vets but for humans. Mummy got taken away from me and I had to stay with Grandma. It was so sad.

And do you know what? There was no doggy bed for me. I had to sleep on the floor! Outrage or what?

Mummy got taken away whilst me and Grandma went for a walk. She was dressed in a weird dress thing and wouldn’t cuddle me. When we got back, mummy was gone.

All the ladies and gentlemens who was looking after mummy loved me lots. They all thought I was gorgeous, well, it’s the truth.

We waited forever and eventually mummy, grandma and me got into Granddad’s car and went home. I was super excited as I was starving my doggy friends. It was late and Bailey got really hungry. How rude of them to make Lord Bailey wait.

Anyway, Grandma’s been taking me out until tonight when mummy insisted she was going to take me. I can’t wait for mummy to be out with me again. I don’t like her being all poorly in her pyjamas.

On the plus side, I did get a pig’s ear today as a special treat.

Woofs, Lord Bailey

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