Riding With a Hangover

It was my 30TH last week, well, as i’m blogging this, the week before last but friends and I had arranged to go out on Saturday night.

I don’t go out often and am not a huge drinker but I let it all go as it was a birthday celebration.

Waking up at 8:30 on Sunday morning, [I’d set my alarm later as I knew I’d be rough], I just couldn’t do it. Got up, took the dog out, ate a slice of bread and took pain killers and crashed out until just after ten. I was already dressed and just got boots on , threw hair back into a ponytail and left.

There was no way I could have been any use to them yesterday morning. That won’t happen again in a hurry.

I didn’t mind who I rode but was glad to be given Shadow for both of my rides.

I honestly didn’t think I’d canter yesterday. I thought I’d fall off or be sick but once I settled into riding, I felt fine. If anything, a nice hack on a horse with a lovely cool breeze is a bit of a hangover cure. Not fully but a halfway there effect.

First ride had two little kids on but still got my canter on Mr Shadow. He knows I’m ready now and starts prancing and dancing at the bottom of the hill. I have to really hold him back.

I did the same route on the second ride but rode out with one of the other girls. We got a bigger canter in that time as we went further down so essentially got two canters. He went like a dream, so forward and fast.

I could have given into my hangover and held onto the saddle but I didn’t. After all the great work though, I went and lost a stirrup on a trot and couldn’t get it back. Never mind.

It was my last ride before surgery and so I had to go no matter how rubbish I felt and being on my favourite pony helped me feel a lot better. We truly flew in canter yesterday up a lovely hill and I can’t wait to be back on my equine friends backs again.



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  1. Surgery? I missed that. Hope it goes well. You’re very brave riding with a hangover, I don’t think I could!

  2. I knew you’d enjoy a prancing, dancing Shadow and not be unsettled: it’s why I thought longer hacks on him would be great for you! So glad you got cantering, especially more so in the second outing 🙂

    I have to agree about hacking as a cure. I don’t get hungover, but if I’m feeling rough for any reason, whether I’m ill or tired, then I always feel much better after hacking as long as I can chase myself onto the yard in the first place. I’m glad you’d such a good night for your birthday, and that the wind in your hair worked as a partial cure!

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