Cracking weekend

This weekend was a blast! Went to the comedy club, The Frog and Bucket with Hannah, Emma and Michelle. We were all dressed up and ready to have a good night.

We ate there, as you can order food to be brought to your table. Had some drinks, a lot of laughs and then danced until late.

I don’t drink often so Saturday night, I let my hair down and had a fabulous time with my friends.

And yes, I paid for it yesterday morning. But still managed to ride and not be sick or fall off.

Just been hanging out, hearing the thunder storms today, getting things ready for my hospital trip tomorrow. Hope it all goes well. I’m always super nervous at the hospital, especially when being put to sleep. I’m always afraid I’ll not wake up.

Hope the hospital are OK and the staff are nice. Mum’s coming with me so we’ll see how it all goes.

I’ve had the procedure before but not at this hospital so very nervous about it. Wish me luck blog friends.



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