Birthday Hack In The Heat

On nearly every birthday I’ve ever had, it’s been miserable and cold and rainy. This year when a long hack was planned, of course it was in the 80F 27C range. It was hot.

I arrived and brushed Mr Topaz for our riding school owner. They all sang happy birthday and it was really a touching moment. Tears were almost shed. 😉

I mounted Miss Bella, and we headed off. Obviously, the ground not being great, the sun beating down, it was a laid back kind of ride. There were lots of horrible flies that kept annoying my pretty mare. On the second field we were walking through, she was flipping out and I was told to put my hands forward and one of the girls jumped off to get the fly, it was bothering her ladyship that much.

Through gates, across a busy road, lots of trots and positive walking from Bella, and we arrived at a pub.

She was funny throughout this ride. The mare I’ve battled with was forward and compliant and even trying to overtake a lot of the horses. I allowed her to do it on the field but not on the roads. And she came back to me very nicely.

At the pub, I stayed on so I wouldn’t have any remounting issues and had a nice, refreshing coke. The pub owners offered the horses water to and they all relaxed in the shade. I gave Bella a long rein and she took me off to the car park to have a nosy at the people in the kitchen. She’s a funny pony.

Back on the road, we went a different way through a little wood. Lots of branches to duck. We walked by a little stream, I could hear it as our horses pranced through the trees. My RSO kept shouting duck as we pushed our way through branches. It was a little more shaded at least.

Once out of the wood, we trotted back across a road and headed back through the fields. The ground is so hard now, it sounded hollow. I didn’t like the sound of it.

On the last field, we were going to canter up the hill but I messed up. I turned her instead of letting her follow the path. But I did get her to canter for me. That horse is fast finding a firm place inside my heart alongside Shadow. She gives once you ask her nicely.

She was a babe for me and I thank her for that.

Once back on the yard, we washed the horses down. I helped another lady wash her pony down. I’ve never done this before but it was easy enough.

It was a very enjoyable ride minus the horse flies through fields, across roads and even through a wood with a running stream on a pony I feel so safe on. I hope to ride her tomorrow. I love that beautiful bay.

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  1. How lovely Marie! There is always a deeper bond once you’ve had a real journey with a horse I’ve found. I bet if Bella was a person, she’d be smug about what she’s taught you! So glad you got a canter too 🙂 If you ever come to hack with me, you’ll need the practice with branches 😉 lol.

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