I’m Officially In The 30s Club

When I was in the delicate blossoms of youth, at fifteen or sixteen, i couldn’t ever imagine being thirty. People in their thities were responsible human beings who stayed at home and never did anything fun, in short, they were boring old farts.

Most people I know who were in my year in highschool, are pretty much in that category. They have babies or young children and if they do go out it’s for the stereotypical binge.

There are, of course, with all rules exceptions. I know a fair few people of my age who still go out to have fun. As I approached my late twenties, I started to realise that being thirty wouldn’t be so much different than my twenties. I’m still having fun with friends, still doing things I love and haven’t made huge sacrifices for a bunch of kids or long term partner. And let me emphasise, that shall not be changing any time soon.

I went to see Grease last weekend, as most of you know. if I’d had a kid or partner, that might not have necessarily happened.

Majority of my friends are in their thirties and they’re all still fabulous and I can confirm, I felt no different this morning than I did earlier in the week.

I think the beauty of age is that, when you want it to be it can be boundless. Yesterday, I hacked out with two women who are similar age range to myself and two young ladies who are both in their teens. We had fun and all got along together. Sometimes, our passions unite us regardless of age. My horse friends range from their teens into their forties and fifties and it doesn’t matter which end of the scale you are, the passion is still there.

Bailey with my balloon

Yesterday was just simply fabulous though. I got a beautiful horse and rider statue from my parents, money which immediately went on the hack I was doing yesterday. Lots of friends showed their love both on social networks, in texts or by pure kindness and thoughtfulness.

My yard friends made my day. I felt so lucky and blessed yesterday that is for sure. I saw or spoke to all the people I know who care immensely and those who don’t, it’s Ok, my life is rich with the wonderful people who do.

I’ve had a bit of a falling out with my dad as he went to see Santana, an artist he’s seen twice before and knows how much I’d love to see him on my thirtieth birthday. And apparently, he was meant to get me a birthday cake but “didn’t have time”. well, guess I know where I stand on that one.

Thankfully to some fabulous people, I did get a birthday cake and we shared it together.

I’ll write in detail about the hack on my Riding blog but I’ll just say it was fabulous despite the temperature reaching the low to mid eighties yesterday. I rode Bella and she was a gem.

I had chinese for dinner and just relaxed last night. Hoping to do some lovely things over the next two weekends with friends. It wasn’t the disappointment I was expecting, well not entirely.

Here’s my statue that the parents bought me

my horse and rider statue And Look! Bailey’s made a new friend. Bailey with my new Pony She’s very cute isn’t she? Here’s some more pics. my little pony showing off her flank IMG 0514

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