Bringing Back Memories

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to see grease the musical. Like most young girls, I watched the movie, learnt the script and sang all the songs, all of the time. Grease was my thing.

In high school, we wanted to do it for a school production and the same went for my youth Theatre group. Do to reasons, I wasn’t aware of then, we couldn’t afford to do it. Putting on a popular musical costs money. You have to pay so much for performance rights. I understand that now but didn’t at the time.

My friend texted me yesterday and asked if I wanted to go and watch Grease at our local theatre. I jumped at the chance. Tickets were only £15 and so it was a bargain.

The show was fantastic! I loved the format and the actors were great. Although I did find Sandy a little expressionless.

It did make me pine for my performing days. I started performing when I was two and a half. In a local dance troupe. When I lost my sight, I had to stop dancing. So I wanted to ride horses but we couldn’t find anyone who would teach me locally and so theatre was my next choice.

I always wrote little plays, adaptations of pantomimes or fairy tales I knew and would single handedly perform all the play by myself in our kitchen for my mum and grandma.

As with the riding, the guy running our local theatre company wouldn’t allow me to join because of my sight and so that was another dead end.

However, when my drama teacher realised how much I loved drama and how good I was, he recommended the local youth theatre that I had tried to join a few years before but couldn’t. He told me there was a different person in charge and after talking to her, she was willing to take me on.

I started theatre workshop when I was 11 and did a lot of performances, some of the roles leads, I loved every minute. Even the long rehearsal hours, all the hard work, late nights, hot performances through the summer were worth every second. I had the best time at theatre and in all honesty, it was the only place I ever felt I fit in growing up.

People there accepted me for me and I had some fabulous friends during those years. I had someone who had faith in my abilities as an actor, singer and performer and not someone who would hold me back because of my sight. I’ll always feel grateful to our theatre director for giving me room to grow and build my confidence and faith in myself. By the last show I did with them, only leaving because of the fact I had to go away to university, I was choreographing dance routines. That was the year I was 18 and I was gutted to be leaving.

I’ve often wanted to join some Am-Dram society but our local one has been less than enthusiastic about me joining. It saddens me as I thrived with my youth theatre group, even performing at the Millennium Dome in London in 2000.

Last night brought all those wonderful memories back. The laughs backstage, the fun learning the lines, improv workshops, the first day of trying costumes on, the panics at tech and dress rehearsals, the night of performances and the audience. There is no feeling in the world that can compare with a crowd of people showing their appreciation for your hard work. I was often asked if I was going to be an actress, which was an ambition of mine in my younger years, would I prefer, TV or film? I always replied theatre. You don’t get the same effect with ratings and box office sales as you do with an audience cheering and clapping at curtain call. I thought of that moment again last night when the cast of grease came forward for theirs.

Something else that brought me back to my childhood memories yesterday was an email to build a bear. Before anyone starts judging, I’ll say this, don’t. I collect soft toys and I don’t care what you guys think. I love the feel of them and like collecting different animals.

Anyway, they had that they were selling My Little Pony. Yes, you guessed it, my horse obsession isn’t a recent one. I’ve always loved ponies. But it started with the plastic ones with brightly coloured bodies, manes and tails. I had the show stable, lots of the ponies, both Earth and Pegathis. I had other memorabilia like books on tape, quilt cover, PJs , etc. I was obsessed!

I have to say, it’s crossed my mind whether to get one. I even went on Wikipedia last night to try and remember which was my favourite. I can remember seeing their markings that they have on their flanks and found all my favourites again. I really am debating whether a build a bear my little pony should make it’s way to my house. Call me childish, but in my opinion, it’s only the same as guys collecting model cars/trains/bikes , etc.

I do buy into the Peter Pan thesis and I don’t mind what you all say about it. Cuddlies are fun! And cute!

Anyway, it’s still hot as hell here so going to keep cool and chill out. Early morning tomorrow in the heat again.



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  1. So glad you had a great time! Also pleased because I’m taking my sister to see the show here at the end of the month 🙂

    What are the chances of the local Am Dram leader having changed by now? Might be worth s try given how fun you found it, and how good you must be!

    No judging from me… I LOVE My Little Pony! 😀

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