Working hard in the Heat

How else should you work on a warm summer’s afternoon? Actually, i’d say it was pretty hot. Probably around 25C and for us poor old Brits that’s pretty warm.

Thankfully, there was a breeze and I was to be riding the gorgeous Mr Shadow who is luckily white.

I brushed him and tacked him up. I was hoping all I had learnt last week was retained in my head. Light, even reins, good leg and we’d be fine.

I did actually think for a split second it could all fall apart today.

I went into the school and did my wobbly route around while my RI cleared away jumping crates. She commented again today about my five minute warm up but said I got him right on track after my first wobbly route around the school.

In fact it was looking pretty good she said. I had to still my upper body a little but my hands were perfect and he was walking nicely.

We did most of this lesson in trot and I did think I was going to die at one point.

She had me working on circles and it was a very quick change. She had me working a lot faster than before which I think shows she thinks I’ve grasped the school much better these days.

We would go large, then do a 20 metre circle at A, then at C, with full tracks in between. My circles were a little dodgy at first and we did go off track a few times but all in all it was a cracking lesson filled with varied movements, change of rein and things that I wasn’t sure had sunk in but clearly had.

I’m impressed with my circle work today. Once I’d got the turn and got my leg on so he didn’t fall into the circle, we were doing really well. His trots were forward and my change of rein was pretty good.

I only walked for about ten percent of this lesson and that was warm up and cool down. It was the most trotting I’ve done in a lesson and we were flying all over the school. We did get off track on occasion but I kept him going and we got back there with the direction from my RI.

I really feel like I have the movements of change of rein and circles coming together. It’s by no means perfect but it’s not all over the place and I’m not confusing poor Shadow as much.

His head was straight which obviously meant my reins were much better for him today. My legs were more effective and my rising trot was pretty good except when I started to tire.

My RI called that my trot was looking sloppy, get it back together as she noticed I was tiring and I’m pleased to say it came back and I worked on. My rising trot does feel more controlled and she said my downward transitions were looking better today to.

About five minutes before the end I requested a break as the heat was getting to me and we had done a lot of trotting. I know I need to get fitter and I called, think it’s all the heat and she replied that I’d worked hard so she thought it was that to.

She seemed pleased with me today. And I was thankful for the challenges. She did warn me at the beginning she would blow my mind today but my mind is still in tact and we all were happy with the lesson.

A nice walk around the school for Mr Shadow on a long rein and I was told everything was looking better today.

Shadow got a huge pat and I walked him back to his stable, untacked and went to help brush some ponies and tack them up for rides.

Shadow got some yummy horse treats and then some of the girls had brought ice pops so we all indulged in some icy treats on the warm afternoon.

Enjoyable and rewarding lesson to say the least. I felt I had made progress again.



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  1. Sounds like it was a gruelling but productive lesson today hon! It’s always good to feel hot & tired when you feel you’ve achieved something positive though! Really proud of how well you’re developing in your confidence & riding. Keep up the great work & most importantly, keep enjoying every moment! 🙂

  2. What a lot of work, never even mind the heat! Gosh how those early days of not even being able to keep Bella on the outside track seem like so long ago now… 😀

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