This is What Thinking Does

I actually don’t know why I started thinking about this today. Oh, wait, yes I do. I was bitching about life after stuff that is going on politically and said to a friend on FB that if Scotland ever got independence, I’d go there. She responded by saying she’s thinking of going there anyway and I thought to myself, it’s one of the places I’ve always been drawn to and never gone but really wanted to.

I’ve been to London and it’s a fab place but never fancied really living there. Sure, I talked about it but never felt the passion to truly do it. But something is different about this feeling. When I talked about finishing a degree and doing psychology, I looked at Edinburgh university for their post grad courses in psychology. There’s a lot that fascinates me about the city and hearing other people talk about it who live there makes me desperate to visit and curious about living there myself.

It would definitely be a great inspirational place with all its historical background.

It then got me thinking about work as of course I couldn’t move without a job. What skills do I have? Not much really except my academics but they won’t get me work. But I did train as a holistic therapist and have been on and off considering extending my therapies skill set.

It is not what I want to do for the rest of my life but maybe it would start me on a road. Or maybe I’m looking down another wrong path? I’m not sure and not sure where to start. It feels that I’m so restricted here and not even sure how to start on a path at all. I do feel pretty lost. I know I truly want to work with people and animals in a therapy capacity but not sure that’s even possible. And there is no one I can ask either. Careers people told me once I would never live in America, I did that so who is to know?

I guess all I can do is keep trying.

I have been offered good references from people so that’s a good start but I need an open mind of an employer or a chance of a business. I’m feeling kind of excited about the future and I don’t truly know why as I don’t know quite what the future holds.



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