A Poem: Lying in The grass

lying in the grass I hear, A buzzing bee by my ear, A whisper of wind in the trees, A hot dog’s breath as it breathes, Hooves creeping on mounds of grass, A child’s playful laughter as it rode past, A mower in the distance making sweet song, The tweet of a bird as it flies along, A nicker from a stable across the field, A horse waiting for its evening meal, The sound of nature fills my ears, The sound of beauty everywhere.

Lying in the grass I feel, The warm, prickly blades on my bare heel, The late afternoon sun caressing my skin, The love and happiness that lies within, tickle of a bug landing on my arm, A sense of safety that I’ll come to no harm, A coolness as a horse passes where I lie, feeling the sun move down with time.

Lying in the grass I smell, The evening flowers waiting to dispel, A fragrance of sweetness for the honey bees, A gentle scent carried on the breeze, Warm sweet hay from the harvest truck, Sweet ice-cream with any luck, The inviting scent of a horse’s fur, And not so pleasant the smell of manure.

Lying in the grass I see, My golden labrador by my knees, Shadows of the horses grazing nearby, A silhouette of a beautiful butterfly, Clouds of formation flying overhead, A white gelding laying down to his bed, Trees bidding me a fond goodnight, And so I lift myself up in the twilight, Call goodbye to my horses for now, And the dog and I always vow, To return to see the field again, And see what our senses shall retain.

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