Sunshine and horses equals perfect

Summer arrived in heat and sunny skies this past weekend. Yesterday’s highs were around 26-28C and so I was glad I’d be riding in the morning.

It was still warm as I began brushing horses and tacking them up. There was a lot of happy buzz at the yard, sunshine brings out the best in people.

I learnt yet another new skill yesterday. My hacking RI showed me how to hoof pick on our little pony Sandy. And hoof pick I did. It was different to what I expected but not entirely sure what I did expect but it’s just another tool in my box now. Just got to practice when the opportunities arise on the horses I’m allowed to.

I chose to ride Miss Bella first. I’d wanted to ride her since my fabulous ride in the rain a few weeks ago. I wasn’t sure what I’d get from her but I was excited to be on the beautiful mare again.

There were a few of us on this ride and I wanted to practice my reins as we’d worked so hard on them during my lesson.

Bella seemed to like my rein contact and was going forward in trot beautifully. My first trot was lovely. I was low in the saddle but still rising enough to be deemed rising trot. My hands, legs and seat were all light and she felt amazing beneath me.

I’ve started having this feeling where I feel more with the horse as opposed to a mere passenger. It’s a lovely feeling and I was definitely getting that vibe yesterday.

We all know with sun comes those horrible horse flies and they were trying to get my pretty bay, beauty yesterday. One of the girls on the ground kept swatting them for Bella as I couldn’t see where they were although I could feel her muscles rippling. I try to find them but often I can’t.

We went down the back hill and I had to hold Bella before we could fly up. I really did not expect anything from her as it was so hot and she and I have only recently got the canter thing almost together. But go for me she did and beautifully to until I lost my right stirrup. I’m blaming shock for that one.

She did a few more nice trots and had definitely worked up a bit of a sweat bless her. She was the Bella I love to ride yesterday, full of fun and mischief and willing to work with me. Love that horse.

I was then going to ride Mr Shadow. I was sure it’d not be as enjoyable. Shadow is a babe but you can guarantee if I’ve had a good ride on Bella, I’m bound to have a troublesome one on Shadow. And that’s usually down to me not the horse. But I was wrong. My hands and legs were great and our trots were forward and light. I was really pleased with him.

We even got some lovely pictures of me riding him. Shadow and me in the sunShadow and me in the sun 2 Two amazing rides on two fantastic horses and all done in very warm temperatures indeed. Itching for a longer ride now though. πŸ™‚

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  1. N’aww! What lovely pics πŸ™‚ The bright blue sky almost looks as lovely as you 2 do! Sounds like Bella really responded to things clicking with you, and not over-tightening your right rein. I love that Shadow surprised you in a good way too! Sounds like a great day πŸ™‚ Lovely to add a new care skill too!

  2. Sounds like the perfect day. Love the photos, too!

  3. Aww so glad you had such a great time on both rides! Sounds like a perfect summer’s day πŸ™‚ Really thrilled you can feel things coming together & you’re becoming one with your horses, beautiful feeling isn’t it?!

    Absolutely adore the photos of you & Mr Shadow, fabulous! πŸ˜€

    Keep up the great work hon, I’m so proud of you & truly honoured to be inspired by you!

    Johanna x

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