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I laid my first bed on Thursday before my lesson. Another first to add to the list.

I was to be on Shadow and I was excited but a little nervous as my last lesson on him hadn’t been the greatest. But I was determined that negativity wasn’t to follow me into the school.

We were working on my reins. I have a terrible habit of holding my right rein tighter. Which in turn makes poor Shadow stick his head over the fence. Not what we want at all. So reins were worked on and getting us both working more together. I was to use my leg at all times, keep him firmly on the track both in walk and trot.

I was failing miserably initially. My RI said she’s noticed with me, I need five minutes to warm up but once I’ve warmed up I’m usually much better and able to work with what she’s asking of me.

Shadow and I were all over in the beginning. My hands were too busy and I was just a mess. My right rein is my easier rein and we switched to that and worked on that before moving back to the left.

My reins were just a mess but not felt good contact in a while so glad we worked on that.

Slowly, my hands were easier, my leg yielding was working and he was staying on the track.

We did at least three laps of the school in trot and I kept him on the track. We then changed rein back to my left and although it was harder, it was easier than in the beginning of the lesson. Everything was working more fluidly and I felt like we were a part of each other. My hands an extension of his mouth, my seat part of his back and my legs working on his sides.

It really felt like it was coming together so much more on Thursday in all aspects.

My rising trot looked great and when my leg wields were forceful enough, they worked beautifully! It was like Shadow was saying, well, if you’d only said that in the first place, I would have obliged. What a star of a teacher he and my RI are. πŸ™‚

I got two laps on the left rein in trot and managed to keep him there. I was pretty pleased with my work.

Once I’d dismounted and untacked him, I helped a little around the yard. Helped my hacking RI get all her ponies ready for the after school rides. It was very cool! Brushing and tacking up is one of my easier tasks so was more than happy to help.

Love what my lessons are giving me and looking forward to learning so much more.



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  1. Fab! Your RI is clearly very eagle-eyed πŸ™‚ Well done on the riding and the bed laying! Was it straw you were working with?

    1. Hi Debz. Yes, she’s pretty fantastic! Yes, it was straw. πŸ™‚

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