Animals will Keep You On Your Toes

I’d hoped to get another fabulous ride on Miss Bella on Sunday but sadly she wasn’t being ridden. So it was Topaz then Mr Shadow.

Topaz was generally being a babe and his trots were good and forward. We cantered beautifully and I felt so secure in my two point position again. Thank goodness my little glitch is over for now.

Shadow on the other hand was being so unhelpful and just going whichever way he felt he wanted to. My hacking RI had me do trot transitions to get his head in the game but it seemed all he wanted was to let lose on a canter.

He was a bit of a monkey though and wouldn’t stand still. My tight hands didn’t help so I relaxed them up and my RI told me to go. I think a canter was all Mr Shadow wanted as he behaved lovely after we let lose on the back hill.

It was amazing as the animals in my life seemed to do a switch on Sunday. Shadow was a monkey where he’s normally a gent and my mischievous guide dog went for a free run that I was dreading that afternoon because he’s been a little monster for recall recently and he behaved perfectly.

These animals will keep us on our toes. I must remember though, when I want them to stop when they’re dancing around, I must lighten my hand even though the urge is to tighten up.



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  1. Sounds like Shadow was on his toes, as well as keeping you on yours! At least you got an enthusiastic canter though 🙂 Never a dull moment when animals are involved!

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