Rain, Rain, and More Rain

It rained a lot this afternoon. It wasn’t just drizzling but pelting down. I arrived at a dry yard and then the rain drops began.

I brushed Mr Shadow and got lovely Shadow cuddles, then we all had lunch. I do normally have my lesson on a Thursday but the rain would mean I’d find it harder to hear echoes back, we decided I’d ride instead.

I was mighty glad the change happened.

I was having a lesson on Bella so was already mounted, after I and another lady had tacked her up between us and she was a very good girl, so staying on her while I waited for another girl to return from a ride so she could take me out seemed logical.

I was on Bella and the young lady taking me out, who I’ve not ridden out with before, was to ride Bella’s son Barney. I must get pictures for you guys of this sweet young horse.

Bella was trotting nicely and walking a bit ploddy but she was going. Young Barney had a few spooks but all that rain had brought out the water monsters. Bella and I went lead file for a short time but then Barney got up his confidence again.

At the bottom of the back hill, we’ve been using to canter recently, Barney flew off into canter. I was in my two point seat, lightly asked Bella and off she shot. Yes, Miss Bella cantered. She transitioned down and I asked quietly for her to transition back up and to my astonishment, she did as I asked.

I honestly thought she’d be hard work out in the rain but she was a true gem. We stopped and then had a little room for one more canter. I was sure she wouldn’t bother this time but no, she flew for me again with just a slight ask from me. I was so happy! It seemed my hands, legs and seat were doing all Bella required of me today. Either that or she was showing off to her son. πŸ™‚

We went down the cobbles and did a few more trots and I managed to practice my rising trot as I’ve been doing in the school. It felt really good on her and she was so forward in walk and trot by the end of this ride. I wasn’t sure I’d get her forward today but by the end of the ride, she was super forward!

I was delighted by today’s hack, that’s for sure.

Thanks for reading as always,


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  1. Sounds like cantering on the Mrs has clicked into place! And it’s all so much easier when they’re going forward isn’t it? The difference between an exhausting ordeal and a pleasurable ride! Riding school horses I know all about it πŸ™‚

  2. Yay to cantering Bella in the rain! Not a damp squib in sight πŸ˜€

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