Winter Reappeared

I’m not sure who told winter it could make a reappearance but on Sunday, it sure did.

I arrived early to help brush and tack up and time just flew. I was happy to have jobs to do as it was chilly and raining. Not what you would expect in June.

I rode Shadow on both of my rides and he was a little love. I didn’t even carry my crop with him and besides our last canter, which was done on the back lane, he did exactly what I asked.

Sadly, because of restrictions put on us, we have extremely limited cantering ground at the moment. The first ride, on the farm, we did lots of trotting and I tried to put into practice what I’d been learning in my lessons on Thursday. Controlled rising. It was coming together nicely and I definitely wasn’t rising as high but there is still a lot of work to be done.

On the back hill, we were kept at the back, even though I had been around third in the line of riders because everyone else was trotting but shadow and I would be cantering. I’m guessing it was so none of the others got any sneaky ideas about cantering with their riders.

Adopting the two point seat, Shadow and I leapt forward into a beautiful canter. I felt secure, in control and beamed as I had hoped last week wasn’t just a fluke and my confidence was back. My balance was incredible, and my position apparently looked good. So yeah, improvements.

On the second ride, we took the road route and had a lot of cars to avoid. I know I’ve been spoilt now having such wonderful longer rides and they hopefully will resume in the near future. But I also love helping out to. I really hope I continue to improve my education both in and out of the saddle.

On the back lane, Shadow was eager to go but he decided that either I hadn’t been clear or he just didn’t feel like cantering so my hacking RI got me to bring him back and he sprang off into a lovely canter. Silly Shadow thinking he’d be allowed to get away with that. πŸ™‚

Back at the yard, I handed over some well earned treats and cuddled the ponies goodbye for another Sunday. I do miss those great gorgeous creatures when I don’t see them. πŸ™‚

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  1. Fab news about your riding and confidence, less so about the rain! Was the same up here on Sunday. Hooe summer and longer rides are back soon!

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