Challenging Lesson

I’d done a two hour hack on Wednesday but still wanted to do a lesson as I try not to miss a week as it seems to set me out of sorts a bit. However, maybe this week I should have missed a lesson. No, I correct that, it was good that I had this low week, it makes the other weeks seem that much better.

I had Shadow yesterday and he and I just weren’t working well together. I was all over the place and he wasn’t being helpful to begin with and with my lack of anything yesterday, it was made that much harder on the poor pony.

It seemed I had just fallen to pieces and forgotten my legs and was holding his head wrong constantly. I didn’t feel in control or like I knew what I was doing at all. A complete contrast to last week.

We were trying to work on the change of rein. I got my initial turning spot on but kept turning and forgot to straighten myself up. I did feel so twisted and tense yesterday. I wasn’t happy with my own performance in the least and I just hope I’m in better shape for next lesson.

I’m just boxing this lesson up and not dwelling on it. I was shockingly bad but can’t do anything about it now except learn from it.

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