You Won’t Believe it

You won’t believe it because I didn’t. Today was one of those unexpected days for so many reasons.

I went to the yard and brushed Mr Shadow. Apparently he was who I was riding today in the school. He’d gone show jumping last night so wasn’t caked in mud so it was a very pleasant brush. I got lots of shadow cuddles to. I’ll post a video I took at the end.

My hacking RI went to grab his tack and I tacked him up and also put on his exercise sheet. I’d put his saddle slightly too far back so when my school instructor came over, we figured a way I’d know if it was right or not. If I put four fingers between his girth strap and the top of his leg, it gives me an idea if it’s right or not.

I mounted and walked up to the school. I shared my lesson with our school instructor’s friend today on her pony.

I started a little wonky, it took me a few laps of the school to get it together but once I did, it was all good.

The friend on her own horse was jumping but I just expected I’d be doing large work today.

We’d done a few good trots around the school to warm the horses up, Shadow following the smaller pony. I heard my instructor setting up a jump but didn’t think anything of it.

She asked her friend to take her horse down the centre line and told me on the next time I was at the C end of the school, I should go down the centre line. I thought over this as we walked to A and said, do you really want me to go down the centre line? In my head, I was thinking, there are jumps in the middle of the school, what?

Anyway, I walked down the centre line and we walked over some poles. No big deal. Bella has been trying to walk me over big jumps for months. My turning was way off though and my instructor remembered I’d not yet done centre line work with Shadow so told me to use less of everything!

I was then told to trot down E side, then come down the centre line. I wasn’t expecting the little jump Shadow put in and realised I’d done my very first small jump. Oh my God, right?!

I did it a few times and each time Shadow was turning a little before H so I had to get him more into the corner so our turn was great. My instructor also said I need to sit taller when I’m turning corners and when I did I felt the amazing ability of balance and smoothness.

We did this a few times, occasionally drifting to the right after popping over our little pole jumps. Then my instructor told me that on the next one we would be going into the forward seat over the pole.

I am sitting here, still disbelieving this was my riding lesson.

Anyway, I needed to keep my seat forward for a second longer on most of the jumps and my head up to. But she was pleased with what I had done. On the second to last try, I got him into the corner, down the centre line, all in balance and popped over the little jump in trot in my forward seat.

My last one fell apart a little and he kicked the jump but oh well, I had my first jumping practice. And I loved it!

I’m so glad she didn’t tell me that was her plan but thrilled we tried it. She’d tell me pole just before I jumped it so I could get into my forward seat which was awesome!

I felt much more comfortable and confident with him today, I actually felt like I knew what I was doing. 🙂

I took Shadow back to his stable, untacked him and took his tack back then returned to grab his hay net, it was looking a bit low. I unhooked it myself which I have not done before, filled it up and my hacking RI showed me how to hang it back up.

I was really chuffed, not just because despite the heavy rain, that you will see in this video, we got sunshine in our lesson but because I had my first jumping lesson! Whoohoo! And I didn’t fall off.



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  1. OH MY GOD, YOU JUMPED!!! 😀 😀 😀

    I am too excited by this to leave a constructive comment: I’m just bursting with excitement for you Marie! 😀

    1. I know, how the hell did that happen? I’d thought it would be months! lol.

  2. Wow Marie! Congratulations! It was maybe almost as exciting for me to read about your 1st jumps as it was for you to ride them. Strong work!

  3. Oh my goodness Marie!!! How absolutely amazing! What a fantastic surprise that must have been! Think back to just a few months ago, would you have imagined you would be jumping already?! I’m so so happy and proud and excited for you! Well done Marie!

    1. I still can’t believe I did it honestly. lol. Sun shining, on my favourite pony and jumping ickle wickle jumps. lol. just amazing. if you’d told me I’d have jumped this time yesterday in my lesson, I’d have laughed. 🙂 got a fab instructor who just threw me in at the deep end and knew I’d swim. 🙂

  4. OH MY GOD YOU JUMPED A FRICKING JUMP!!!! YEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! omgomgomg Like an actual proper jump With like poles and shiz omg EEEP! SO PROUD OF YOU! How come you’re so brave! I was bricking myself the first time I jumped even a cross pole and I could see it coming!

    1. It was not a big jump, I promise. lol. I don’t even know what I jumped, but definitely something with poles. I don’t care, it still counts. lol

  5. OMG!!! I’m sooo pleased for you! Woo hoo!! first jumping lesson. Congratulations Marie.

  6. I was sitting here grinning from ear to ear for you! How amazing!! And it doesn’t matter how small the jump was, YOU JUMPED!! Woohoo!! Great video, too, Shadow looks adorable.

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