Reeking The Rewards

I’d asked if I could go up to the yard and help out this morning before the hacks began. I’ve done bits and pieces but was nice to get stuck in straight away this morning.

I was sent to brush a sweet old gent who’ve I’ve brushed before and then I put his saddle on to. Then Mr Shadow was brought in and I brushed him. He’s getting better at letting me brush his face.

I stood watching the older girls have a lesson while I waited as a lot of jobs I could help with had been done already.

I asked to ride Bella first. It seemed the greatest idea as she and I had had a good lesson and I wanted to put into practice some of those learnt skills.

Bella was forward in walk and trot and she was just simply brilliant. She was responsive and very sweet today.

Then Mr Shadow was next and he was equally as good. We were lead file and I didn’t struggle with him at all today. He wasn’t convinced we were going to canter but I got him there in the end. The second canter we did was awesome though so he clearly realised I meant business.

I loved helping out as well as riding today. Can’t wait for my next lesson. I kind of hope I’m going to be on Bella. I know, crazy right?



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  1. Loving the effect of the Bella drug: slow to get you addicted, but once you’re hooked, you just can’t get enough! Wonderful 🙂

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