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I had only intended on doing one 30 minute hack today but the cash machine only gave me a £20 note so I figured it was destiny to do two rides. As it happened, glad I had the cash as Shadow wasn’t available on my first ride but I got to ride Harry.

Harry is a total dude and he looks so cute at the minute as he’s been clipped. He was getting a bit impatient, us just standing around waiting for the other riders to get on. But at least he’d been awesome when I was putting his bridle on. No trying to eat food today.

We were at the back and the horses in front were smaller ponies and slow to today. Harry thought he’d take advantage and try and slow down. He was not working very good off the leg. His first trot was abysmal and I should have used the crop but in a way probably good as the horse in front stopped.

On the field, he gave me a lovely canter and I held my hands up so he didn’t pull his head down. On the way back down the field, he kept running in and out of canters but did a great job nevertheless.

Down the cobbles, where Harry is notoriously a pain to get going, my RI gave me a little hand and told me to use the crop to get him going. He soon realised who was boss and picked up his hooves.

The fact he had done lovely canters would only increase my desire for nice walking and good trotting. Thankfully, after the cobbles, Harry’s trots were beautiful and he was really forward.

Shadow was my next ride and we had a girl on her own horse in front of me and a little pony being lead as she’d been a monkey on the previous ride without a rider. There were a few girls walking with us to but it was OK.

Shadow knew I had the crop and knew he better move.

However, I’d like to think my legs were doing a lot of the work. Even when I needed to move him over, I was finding myself using my calf and doing what I do in the school with leg yielding. Weird but it was happening. It was not perfect and it was resulting in diagonal movement but of course we were out on a hack so that made sense.

His trots were beautiful and forward and his canters were collected and enjoyable. We got three on this ride and all were just lovely. My downward transition was nice to.

Today was definitely a fun day with the horses and with my recent cantering battles, it was nice to get a fair few in. 🙂



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  1. Hurray to a lovely couple of hacks! A lovely antidote to the frustrations of Thursday 🙂

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