Zombies Run and Kindle

It really feels like an eternity since I last updated. In reality it’s not but maybe I’ve been holding back on blog info. Sorry guys.

I was in a bad place from September onwards to the latter part of last year. It’s taken a lot of reflection and talking things through with people to realise it. I pushed away the people that were so important to me and tried to shut myself down. It’s no excuse, but I was stressed and not coping.

Realising I can’t control things out of my own control has helped me deal with things much better in recent months. The great support from a fabulous bunch of strong women has kept me sane along with my family and amazing Bailey dog. If I hadn’t had the horses either, there’s no telling how I would have been.

This has all come out now as the past few weeks I’ve enjoyed some amazing conversations with two very inspirational women who I am proud to call my friends. One of which, I pushed away and I am so thankful she was willing to give me a second chance.

I know who I can depend on for so much and for a variety of things. I’m a blessed person to have all these wonderful people on my side. They enrich my life and help me see there is a life worth living even if it isn’t the one I hope to have one day.

Besides all the reflective stuff, which is good but not all what I’m about, I’m getting fit. Yes, yes, I know, I say this every summer. However, I didn’t have Zombies Run before. This is a way cool iPhone game that you play while you exercise. You have to keep running/walking/exercising on a treadmill or I’ve also used the exercise bike and you pick up supplies to take back to your base. You’re a runner for the town and have to get supplies and avoid the zombies.

The zombies chase you and the idea is you pick up your speed to escape them. The developers of this app have worked hard to bring accessibility to the game and have done a fabulous job! I’m very impressed and can’t wait to play/exercise more to complete more missions. My legs might not agree. 😉

I only bought the game yesterday evening and have already exercised for just under two hours on the exercise bike. That’s unheard of in a week let alone two days.

I’m also trying to eat better so that coupled with exercising, me and the zombies should have me looking like a better me in no time.

Something else that is cool. Amazon finally made the kindle app on iOS, Apple’s mobile platform accessible with VoiceOver. We’ve been waiting years for this to happen and finally it has. I’ve been told, the books that have the protective against Text To Speech voices can also be read via the VoiceOver speech which is awesome. I’ve not tested that as the book I have bought didn’t have it on anyway. But great job Amazon. Long time coming but well worth the wait. Now all the books in the digital sphere are accessible to me. Well, more or less.

Spent today with a wonderful friend in Manchester with her guide dog. Was fabulous! So I am very tired now as I was up early so I shall bid you all a good night.



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