Shadow Time

Anyone who reads this blog, knows me or goes to our riding school knows that Shadow is my favourite horse. Mum keeps telling me I shouldn’t have favourites but I can’t help it. I love them all but he has a special place in my heart. Even the farrier knows he’s my favourite. 🙂

So I got to ride him twice on Sunday. I’d done two thirty minutes as I wanted to ride him at least once. As it happened, I rode him both times.

He was great! I carried my crop just in case but never used it. We cantered at every opportunity. Only one time did my instructor make us come back and try again as he wasn’t listening. I think I know why he didn’t canter. The horse in front was being a little minx and wouldn’t walk forward so shadow wasn’t being pushed as he normally is so thought he could get away with it. Sadly no, Mr Shadow. Not any more.

His trots were beautiful and it’s so nice to ride him on both road and farm hacks with such confidence and independence. That horse is the best! I am bias.

I should be having a lesson this week, whether it’s on him or Bella, I do not know and them an hour’s hack. Lets see what this week brings. Fingers crossed for a fab lesson and hack this week 🙂

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