Lots of Rides But Not Much To Say

I did an hour’s hack last Sunday which would have been the seventh. I haven’t written because I was ill and simply because I can’t be bothered either.

I love the hour hacks but felt a little annoyed with our lack of canters together. I think part of it is my own holding back which is hugely frustrating. also, bella is such a diamond so does try to take care of me.

She was a happy girl though and her walks and trots were fabulous.

I couldn’t have a lesson as I was ill all last week but I did do two thirty minute rides on Saturday, just so I could ride Mr Shadow. He’s back in work.

I rode Bella first and didn’t even try for a canter on her. Then I rode Shadow. easy, right? Wrong! He made me work so hard. and made Bella look easy.

When he eventually did canter, he sprang off so fast. How I didn’t get left behind, I’ll never know. Horses, right?

The one thing that was good was a little kid asked if I knew how to put on bridles. I said yes, why? He asked if I’d put Harry’s bridle on for him as he was struggling. I agreed and fought with hungry Harry but got his bridle on eventually. Phew.

Anyway, got an hour booked for tomorrow. Lets see if I’m any more enthused.



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