Growing Up With Great TV

I was reminiscing the other night and scoured youtube for clips of videos of my favourite shows as a child and teen. I found so many and thought I’d take you down a trip of my memory lane of childhood TV.

Some of these shows will only make any sense to my British friends. Whilst my american buddies will also jump at joy to hear some of their favourites make my list.

Jack and Ori. If you watched BBC after school, there was a ten minute show that told stories. Being the imaginative child I was, I loved it very much. Bodger and Badger. American friends, this is one you missed out on. Everyone knew how much Badger loved his mashed potatoes. 🙂

Raggy dolls. Any miss matched kid would identify with at least one of those little sweetie pies. I know I did.

Huksley Pig, “onk! onk!” A tale of a little pig who was quite mischievous.

Children’s Ward. As a kid who spent a lot of time in hospital, I totally loved this show. A children’s drama that focused on, you guessed it, a children’s ward. They dealt with some crazy story lines to.

Trap Door. Just a bunch of monsters, right?

Count Ducular. A vampire duck that didn’t like blood. Yep, fantastic and for your viewable pleasure, check out the theme song. We did have some fab theme songs when I was a kid.

Shows like care bears and my Little Pony were obvious favourites to a girlie little girl.

As I grew older, my shows changed a little. Suddenly, the raggy dolls and Badger and Huksley pig were replaced by Mildred Hubbard, the worst witch, PJ and Duncan, Byka Grove and later shows like Sister, Sister, Sabrina, Kenon and Kel and so much more.

Here are my top teen shows Clarissa Saved by the Bell Hang Time California Dreams Malibu CA Are you Afraid of the Dark Sabrina the Teenage Witch Rugrats [of course] and Pokamon. [I still love those theme tunes]. Sister, Sister, [roger, go home!] Kenon and Kel All That Smart Guy Seventh Heaven Dr Quinn

I’ve probably forgotten a few good ones to. But thought I’d take you all on a quick trip down memory lane. Anyone got any favourites to add?

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