Spring would be nice!

I am so sick of this snow and ice now. We’re officially in spring but apparently no one told the weather this.

On Friday it snowed and it was blizzard like. We went into Oldham to get the kids some new shoes. And it was not so bad.

I went to bed Friday night and woke up to deep, drifted snow. The wind’s been high and so it drove the snow all over the place. There was no way I could safely work Bailey yesterday so we did some spring cleaning at home instead.

Today, the ground was like a sheet of ice and so i didn’t ride. πŸ™

I am so sick of the ice and snow now interfering with my plans. It needs to bog off to Antarctica or some place like that. I want spring already.

Bailey did work great in Oldham on Friday. In fact, I thought I had a young pup with me instead of my veteran guide. He was bouncing about and being all excited. Well, whatever floats your boat Bop. I detest Oldham or as I prefer to refer to it as, chav town.

Anyway, not much else to report.

Hugs, MJ


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