Seven Years Ago this Week: Inspirations

Bailey has always inspired love, happiness and so much more in me. With him, I’ve become a happier person. He in some ways saved me from a very dark place I was heading.

I’d like to share with you a few of my previous poems I wrote and which were inspired by him.

This was written not long after I got him.

To Bailey

To My Best friend

When my eyes went dark and my world turned dim, I thought nothing would make me happy and independent again, When things got hard and I was all alone I didn’t want to be anywhere, not even home. The world got unfriendly and so hostile, I felt secluded and all the while Everyone told me to carry on, See the best in life and get things done, I travelled 6000 miles across To a world where I didn’t feel lost But still, I was not as independent as I’d like And so almost2 years back I put in an application for something special. For a dog! A dog to help me get by in life in so many ways, But until I found you, I didn’t realise how much my life would change. I went places I never thought I would venture alone, I smile so much more now I have you at home, When you wake me up with your bone on my bed, Your wagging tail and your very cute head, Your very soft and velvety ears, Your big dopey paws and the way you make me cheer Whenever you do something worth rewarding, I hug you, kiss you, My best friend, Sometimes my only friend in the world, The one I can always turn to and tell all my secrets too You’re the one who makes me smile whenever I’m sad, The only one to make me feel worth living, And because of our relationship and partnership, I’m doing things that I thought so lonely a few years ago, Things that I was scared to attempt by myself, And because of you I’m a happier person, No matter what happens, you will always be my best friend, My baby, My eyes and confidence, And most of all, You will always be my Bailey!

Sadly, only six months into our partnership, it seemed Bailey may have to retire. Here’s the poem I wrote.



Ever had something so close to your heart That when the threat of having it taken away really hurts, Not like a physical pain, Like falling and grazing your nee? Real pain! Pain that tears at your stomach, Pain that feels like glass has shattered in your heart, Pain whenever you talk or think about the precious being, makes you fall into floods of tears, Floods that pour down your cheeks, Creating gorges of carven rock Carved with a chisel! A Knife, A raw piece of metal, A spear of anger fills your heart whenever you think that your precious thing will be taken from you, And why? Don’t they love you anymore? Is it something you did? Are they fed up with you? Do they hate you? To be hated by someone you love so dearly, hacks away at your soul. I want you to love me? I want you by my side every day. The partnership that I thought was so strong, Now seems to lay smashed and broken on the floor. I can’t breathe! I can’t see straight, My brain spins with frustration and pain. My whole body aches. I want no other but you! You are the only one. But if you don’t want me? What will I do? Fall to pieces is all I can foresee! They always say there’ll be another you, But they don’t know you! I know your happy times. I know your sad times. But now, I can’t tell between! Please help me someone? Make me see what’s wrong with my baby? My best friend! My eyes! My only real companion! Please!

My eyes hurt from all these glass filled tears, My heart breaks over the fear Of losing you!

When you and I Became A We

When You and I Became A We

Golden fur, Four big paws, Two soft ears, sixteen clippy-cloppy claws, One cold, wet nose, Two beautiful brown eyes, One wagging tail, That is forever hitting my thighs.

Beautiful you are, From nose to tail, Lovely you seem, And you hardly ever fail To prove your love, Your trust, dedication and loyalty, And four years ago, You and I became a we.

A team, A partnership, A bond so strong, When you stand beside me, In harness so clean and bright, Nothing seems wrong, And all seems right.

Your bouncy ways when you get excited, Your sulky face when I tell you “no!” Your happiness when its food time, And your dedication when I say, “Time to go!” Your loyalty as you guide me, Through the streets we both have learnt, Your my eyes and my companion, And no matter what life brings it will never hurt So much if you are there, Standing strong by my side, Wagging tail at new friends, Happy bounces at your four-legged ones.

Still a puppy at heart, But a great mobility aid to me, That is why I am grateful, That four years ago you and I became a we.

Sitting to be stroked, When you’re off duty and just a dog, Head so proudly held you’d think you were King of the hogs. Drooling as we pet you, Enjoying the attention and love, A wonderful buddy you turned out to be, Four years ago when you and I became a we.

We nicknamed you Lord Bailey, As you give off that aristocratical air, Your paws tucked in and your nose held high, And sniff around with that superior glare. Sleeping so peacefully, In your many beds, Curled up on the living room rug, Or sprawled out on your cushion bed, Jumping with joy as you get a weekly treat, snacking on the ears of pigs because you’re not fond of the feet, Chewing your bones so loudly, So loud we have to turn up the TV,

Groaning at my feet when I’m studying, You never seem in peace, Twitching and running you go, While you’re soundly asleep, And yet hearing all these noises it makes me Feel so much at ease.

I feel safe while you’re beside me, You bark to warn of your fear, You sit beside me when I laugh, Nuzzle me when I have tears, When you’re sick I’m beside you, And it pains me to see you sad, You’re a wonderful best friend/companion, A bonny big old lad.

Some think you’re still in training, Others think you’re old, But I know what you are to me, My furry friend with a heart of gold. Sometimes you’re mischievous and have to be told off, And sometimes you’re a crazy fool and make me want to laugh, Others you just lay down calmly and quietly at my knees, And I am so grateful four years ago, You and I became a we.

You guide me through busy streets with ease, Dodge all the lampposts and things, You may sniff the odd bin or two, But you’re a dog and I know dogs have needs. You run free whenever we get chance, And I love to see you play, And in my heart I keep you safe, For today and all days. You stop at kerbs to warn me, The Road is just right there, You wait to be told to cross, And at “forward” you take me there, You find the shops we need, And sometimes you pretend you don’t hear, I guess some shops you hate to be in, And then others you would never fear, You know where I like to go, After us being together so long, You know when you’ve been good or bad, and you know when you’re right and when you’re wrong, You trudge come rain or shine, You plod on even when you’re tired and want to sleep, But for all your help I am grateful, Four years ago when you and I became a we.

A special dog you are, Like so many others through this world, Gifted to be patient, honest and true, And put my safety on your list of things to do. You ask for warmth, comfort, food, water and care, And all you truly need other than that is A cuddle or two here and there. So calm and efficient yet Still a crazy hound, Your personality makes me love you so, And want you to always stick around, The bond we share so special, Your company preferential, Your presence a comfort and so My love is consequential.

So on this day when you became my eyes, When officially you became my best friend, I want you to know I appreciate all that you do, And will until the very end, So when others understand that bond, Or see you the way I see, Then they will surely know why I am grateful, Four years ago when you and I became a We!

To commemorate our seven years together, I’ll write another poem this weekend in honour of my Bailey pup.

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