Seven Years Ago This Week… Fun memories

Today, I’ll remember some of the funnest times I’ve had with Bailey. There are many but I’ll try and highlight a few here.

Bailey has always been a bundle of energy. Not so much now in his older years but he was positively an energy bunny when I first got him. Guide dogs were celebrating their 75TH anniversary and were holding events all over the country on the same day. We attended the one in Manchester and Bailey bounced all around the park. So much so, we renamed it from bark in the park to bounce in the park. My arm was killing me.

In that July, after four months of having him, we went to a conference and you’d think I’d took him to Disneyland for dogs or something, he was just so excitable. A lady who was working at this conference was also a guide dog owner, we have since become very good friends. Bailey thought her dog was the best thing since sliced bread and every applause was for him. Not sure why most guide dogs think applause is always for them.

Mum and I were walking through our local town and mum said, “What is wrong with him? He looks like he’s in a daze?” I touched him and felt a bulge in the mouth. He held, and yes I mean held, an opened cream egg, fully in tact in his mouth. Must have been saving it for later.

This holding things in his mouth was a big trend in the first few years. He’d come in from spending and as I leash relieve him, he used to go on a flexy lead and I wouldn’t always be close enough to hear him pick something up. He’d come into the house, holding his treasure like some valiant knight. These treasures were nothing of use, apple cores and yes, get ready for it, used tissues. Gross, I know.

Some of the highlights of our working career are things like going to strange places and him just handling it like he knows the city already. One situation stands out when we went to RNIB in London to do a presentation. After we’d done, we all went to a pub and a friend was going to walk with me to the train station as I was going to visit a friend in his town. We started following my friend who is a totally blind cane user who knows London pretty well. Bailey decides he knows London much better than my friend and walks in front, [he’s never liked following behind someone unless it’s in a supermarket]. Anyway, my friend says, think we’ve gone past the steps down to the underground so I walked back and asked Bailey to find the steps which he did. My friend then tells me that he doesn’t think Bails will find the information desk or the doors to the station as it’s at an angle. I replied that we’d see and once we got to the bottom, Bailey angled off and walked straight into the station and to the information desk. Good Boy Bailey!

We’ve had three trips to London, and all three were fabulous. Two of which I did by myself, the third was with a sighted friend but always used Bailey where possible. That dog has been a dream to work. Sure we’ve had rough times and we’ve had hard ones but we’ve tackled them and became a solid partnership.

At a friend’s Jubilee party last year, Bailey took it upon himself to drink a friend’s non alcoholic punch. He’s never done a thing like that at home but I’m just grateful it was non alcoholic.

When we had the last heavy snow fall, bailey and I were playing in the garden, the video is on this site on Bailey’s pad section. The neighbouring kids had built a snow man and he was fascinated by it. I’d call and call and he wouldn’t come to me. Then, half an hour later, mum said, I know why he was fascinated by that snowman, it has a carrot for its nose. Carrots are Bailey’s weekly treats! Cheeky pup! 🙂

If I remember any more funny stories, which I bet I will, I’ll write them in.

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