freezing But Horses Make It All Worth It

My dad and I have argued for months about fair weather participants of our sporting pursuits. Dad’s a golfer and so is often exposed to the cruelty of british winters. Or at least he should be also doing an outdoor sport. However, I’ve teased him for months on end, calling him a fair weather golfer. While I’m out riding in high winds, driving rain/snow, ice on the ground, he’s often curled up at home in his arm chair. Why I am I telling you this? For entertainment sake I guess but also because, yesterday, if I’d been a fair weather rider, I’d have sensibly stayed home.

As it happened, both dad and I braved the elements and granted, his golf was filled with driving snow whilst all I had to deal with is freezing temperatures, an icy wind and no snow. Good on dad for getting out there, I shall never call him a fair weather golfer again.

Anyway, family anecdotes aside; yesterday was, I as said, bloody freezing. I wrapped up warm, with lots of layers and headed to the yard.

I rode Mr Kenny first. There were a few other riders on this ride but not many. Kenny was being quite slow to begin with but gradually he woke up and we got some nice trots and canters. The more I ride this horse, the more I love him.

I rode Bella for my second ride and actually got to ride out with my hacking RI. She rode Harry who was being a plodster pony and I rode Bella. It was the cutest thing when I’d untacked Kenny and walked up to her and she nuzzled my shoulder. She was probably hoping for polos but she got a ride instead.

It was her first ride as she was still rugged up and so she took a while to get going. She didn’t canter and honestly, can’t say I blame her. The fields were a horrendous mess and Harry wasn’t exactly giving Bella anything to follow either.

It was nice to ride out though and got some lovely trot work in.

I asked if I could go and see Shadow, after booking my hour hack for next Sunday, and put his apple that I brought especially for him in my pocket and opened his stable. He backed up and once I’d closed his door and pulled the apple out, he stepped backward again, almost saying, I won’t mob it, I’ll be a polite pony. I held it out and he munched away.

I got lots of cuddles and kisses with him before I left. Hoping he’ll be much better soon. Fingers crossed, poor Shadow is so bored now.

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  1. If we waited for good weather to ride, we’d sit on a horse maybe twice a year! lol. The rides sound nice but understandably sedate: great news on the Shadow cuddles and one hour hack being booked though 😀

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