Bailey’s Dlog: Entry 9

Well friends, I’ve had a fun week with mum. On Tuesday, it was sunny and mum said we could go to the park for a free run. I loves free runs. It was very exciting. Mum laughed at me a lot. Here’s a video of me.

Oh and if you want to see me playing hide and seek. Looky here!

And here’s me being just totally adorable .

Bailey Sitting on the wall, looking into the woods in the park

Well, that was Tuesday. Then we went out with mummy’s friends on thursday night and I was a very good boy. I sat by mummy’s side all night despite the noise and plenty of food. I had a guide dog friend to which was good. But we were well behaved doggies and didn’t play and just lay by our mummies.

Then yesterday, it was my grandma’s birthday and mother’s day. We went for a walk after mummy came back from riding and then went in Granddad’s car to a nice place so the humans could eat. There was a fire, an open fire at the place and it kept my bum warm. I was a good boy here to.

A lady at this place told mummy she sponsors puppies like me and she said I was a gorgeous boy, well of course I am, and that I was very good, without a doubt and she also recognised my prestige. She called me Lord Master Bailey and mummy hadn’t even told her that was my name. Finally, I’m being recognised for the lord that I am. 🙂

Mummy says I’ve lived here for seven years now and she’s celebrating the fact I’ve worked that long. Thanks mummy. Can we go back to the place with the nice toasty fire?

Thanks for reading doggies and peoples.

Lord Bailey

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