The Woman’s Figure In The Media

The debate of women and the size of their bodies has been around for years. It recently got brought back to the forth front again with two prominent figures in the public eye.

The fashion and celebrity culture has been criticised for a long time for continually using size zero models in campaigns, movies, fashion magazines, etc.

Psychologists argue that this impacts heavily on the teenage girl as it demonstrates to her young and impressionable mind that size zero is the most attractive and desirable size to be for men.

The fear from parents and professionals is that this correlates to the number of young women suffering with eating disorders. The girls believe if they control their eating habits, they will grow thin and feel better about themselves. This obviously doesn’t include every girl with an eating disorder but those whom’s body image is defected.

As an adult woman, who did suffer with an eating disorder throughout my teens and young adulthood, I felt and still feel pressure to be stick thin and look perfect. I indeed tend to ignore these feelings as I know as long as I am healthy and fit, it shouldn’t matter whether I’m a size 0 or my current dress size.

However, a recent incident reminded me how shallow and insignificant those industries of media and fashion and celebrities make regular women feel.

Jone Rivers apparently made several comments about UK singer Adele being no size 0 in much nastier terms than that. Thankfully, Adam Hill, the Last Leg standing presenter called her out on this and was utterly disgusted with her comments.

If you haven’t seen the clip, I’ve linked it below.

Adam Hill on Jone Rivers’ comments of Adele

I whole heartedly agree with Adam “s comments. From a woman who has paid thousands to change her face should not be mocking a naturally beautiful woman because she’s not a size 0. I say, Adele, you are a real woman and make the rest of us feel beautiful because you are a beautiful woman and size should not matter.

As I stated, fit and healthy should come above what size your skirt is. Personality and talent should count for whether you can squeeze into a size 0.

It’s time we focus on real beauty and not just skin deep beauty. More models should be bigger sizes. More singers and actresses should expand their waistlines within reason. Lets stop mocking bigger people and making them the joke.

This ties in strongly with a section I saw on a UK morning chat show where a woman declared she was unemployable because of her weight whilst a business woman told her and the hosts that she would not hire a “fat” person. This is discrimination to its highest and should not be tolerated.

We need to love more and stop taking people for face value.

“Never judge a book by its cover”.

We should live by that more often.

Ladies, love yourself and be beautiful because you are!

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