I’m not sure what could top Tuesday’s two hour hack on Bella. It was simply amazing and in truth I am still buzzing from it!

However, I still did two 30 minute hacks yesterday but I’m thinking I’m going to ask if I can start doing a one hour hack weekly which is the same cost. We’ll see what the RsO says.

Anyway, it was busy as usual and I asked my hacking RI if she needed anything to be done; expecting the usual, no thanks, everything’s under control but this time, she didn’t and asked if I could put on a pony’s bridle that was on the fence.

Not having been to many riding schools, I don’t know how this all works everywhere else but some of our horses get haltered to a fence during the weekend days between rides and lessons to make it easier. They tend to get rotated and are haltered by their head collars and a rope. This was going to be a new one, I’d never put on a bridle by myself on the fence.

She showed me how to slide the head collar around his neck so I could easily keep him tehtered while putting on his bridle. Then, once the bridle is fitted, you can easily untie the head collar and keep hold of the horse’s reins. Once she’d shown me how to slide off his head collar, to his neck, she left me to put on his bridle. I’ve brushed this gelding several times so know him well. He’s a quiet fellow and was a great choice for me to be allowed to do this necessary job. It might not be much but the more I’m allowed to help out, the better, in my opinion.

My hacking RI wasn’t taking out rides yesterday so we had another girl who’s taken me out a few times before. She’s consistent and happy enough to let me do all I’m used to doing without a leader.

Bella was my first choice and she was a sleepy pony to begin with. We didn’t have much chance for cantering on this first ride and the one attempt failed but in my defence, she’d not been woken up yet.

I managed to get her gliding along in walk and doing some really nice trot work so it was a good ride in my opinion.

Kenny was my second choice and on a smaller ride we had more options to canter. He didn’t on the first one but did some lovely ones after that.

It was, as I said, a subdued ride but a pleasurable one and I got to cuddle Mr Shadow who is still very lame. But he’s so bored now and poked me several times requesting polos. i checked he could have some and allowed my tall, white, friend to have a special munch.

Hopefully have my lesson this Thursday so will blog then.

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  1. There is a definite knack to bridling up a haltered horse, especially as many ponies are naughty! Every little task is an extra tick in the experience box, a step closer to loanership/ownership, and a mark of how capable the RS sees you. That must be rather a lovely feeling! Shame the rides were a bit meh: I’ve had that recently and it’s stopped me blogging. I hope you get switched to hour long rides: the whole is usually greater than the sum of all it parts 🙂

    1. Absolutely agree. And lets face it, once you have the 2 hour hack cake you want to keep enjoying it. Cannot afford that every week but as hour rides are the same cost as my current 2 30 minutes, don’t see the issue. 🙂 Oh and yes, cheeky ponies. He kept trying to pull away from me but ner ner, I got that pony bridled just fine. 🙂 it does feel like a huge thing. I swear if I could go somewhere and take a pony on for a week, I’d be in heaven. I’m looking at you RDA who will not allow this until I’m a member. MEAN!

      1. Job doubley well done! It’s certainly harder to do short hacks when you’ve had a taste of how fun longer rides can be and the variety that they bring. An hour would be a fab compromise!

        What’s this about the RDA? Do you need to be a member to go on a riding holiday or to be a sharer?

  2. You have to be a member to go on their riding holidays. It makes sense, I know it does, just super frustrating when I’m stil waiting for an opening. Sharing is out though from where I live, it’s a good 10 miles away so would definitely be a weekly lesson as opposed to a regular thing. And yes, taste of the good life now. Long hacks are so much more fun. Love riding out with other people. Hope that becomes a regular thing to. 🙂

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