February Leads Us To March

I think we all say this with each year but man, where is the year going? already we are in March and I’m not sure where February went!

I thought, I better update you lovely lot. Not that there is much to say really.

Had a horrible chest infection that took forever to get right from. My nose is playing up considerably but have my hospital appointment for April.

Bailey’s doing good. In fact, I think a Bailey Dlog is also overdue. He’s much better now and is continuing to lose weight which is great!

we have plans this weekend for mum’s birthday and it’s also Mother’s Day in the UK this sunday.

can’t think what else to say really. Life’s going as well as can be expected right now. Hurray, no complaining as such from me although I am going to write a blog entry about image and such as something recently happened in the public eye which brought up the whole image thing again.

anyway, it’s meant to be nice all week here so hoping to get out and about with pup a fair bit. Maybe a free run for him tomorrow. we’ll see.

Hope everyone’s good,



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