Bailey’s Dlog: Entry 8

Hello fabulous readers, it is I, Lord bailey of Bone Manor. Actually, this is technically not true but oh well, there you go.

Mummy has permitted me to update my wonderful friends in blog land. I’ve been ill bloggy and doggy friends. My mouth has been sore and mummy took me to the vets, and they said I had a lip fold infection, [whatever that is!]

Anyway, she gave me medicine and kept washing my mouth. well, I can tell you this, I did not appreciate her slopping that frothy stuff all over my handsome face. She’s so mean to me! The vet and mummy also said I was “fat!” can you believe that? I, Lord Bailey of Bone Manor, was overweight! I was astounded and disgraced! Mummy claims it’s because of the bad weather but I think it’s because she’s lazy and hasn’t walked me. So what if she….. Oh wait, I’d hate for her to fall on that slippery stuff. i always am so careful to guide her around it.

Anyway, we’ve been walking lots and the scales have been dropping so hurray.

I’ve been trying to be a good boy and mummy says I’ve been very good. Especially good when we’ve been into Manchester on the new tram. I love that tram! anyway, not much else to report folks. Hope you are all being extra nice to your four legged pals.

Talk soon, Woofs and wags,

Lord Bailey

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