Trotting Forward

After Sunday’s amazing hack on Bella, I was looking forward to going back into the school with her.

I mounted in the school as there’s a bit of ice hanging around on the lane so I easily got into her saddle and patted the pretty mare while we waited for my instructor.

Things started off pretty good. In fact the lesson was pretty awesome.

Our trots were lengthier and forward. Bella was listening and I was keeping her attention. Even our change of rein in walk was pretty amazing!

I felt lighter in my hands and seat and my instructor said she’d like to see my legs a bit looser and less tense.

Toward the end of the lesson, I was tiring a bit. We’d done more trot than ever before in the school and was working in turning in trot to so the aim is to keep trotting around the school now. We’re slowly getting there and I just need to keep Bella’s attention more. We did great for most of the lesson and once I lost it, we lost it as a team. She was on track and turning great when I had the control but as soon as I lost it, she was all over the place. Thankfully, this was only the last five minutes or so so I didn’t feel so disheartened.

In fact, this was a huge improvement from my previous lessons. My instructor was pleased and said she’d seen a lot of improvement. So working on a looser leg next time and more trotting is definitely in my future.

We did a whole lap of the school to finish off with the aid of my instructor as she wanted me to see how smooth and easy it was becoming for me to do that in one go.

The funniest thing was when we returned to walk, i was turning to soon. I also need to learn to just turn my shoulders to prevent oversteering and allow Bella to turn so she doesn’t overbalance. I’m looking forward to my next lesson in the school very much!

After I dismounted, I went to visit Mr Shadow. He has a poorly foot. So he’s on stable rest. I got to get lots of cuddles and brush him. But before I did, check out this cute as picture of him.

Shadow Lying down

I then brushed a very muddy pony who has very thick fur. That was a hard job. Picking mud out with your fingers is not pleasant. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend with their horses.



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  1. What a lovely update Marie: great to hear you’ve found your second wind with Bella! I think there’s an odd kind of beauty in going wrong and the horse going wrong with you. It shows that the horse-rider relationship is one of partnership, not dominion. Horses really are mirrors, in a whole host of ways 🙂

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