You Beauty!

I haven’t ridden for two weeks due to snow, then illness. Today was my first day back in the saddle. Poor Shadow is still lame so on this beautifully sunny day that we were enjoying, I asked to ride Kenny.

I’d simply fallen in love with this horse on my last ride a few weeks ago, so I was looking forward to seeing what a wonderfully, almost spring like day would bring.

It was a huge ride and we took the road route. I was behind another pretty mare and Kenny did not disappoint. He’d trotted lovely, walked beautifully and on the first attempt to canter,, he trotted because we were taking him away from his friends So we got him to follow another horse and he cantered beautifully! I’ve come to love the bouncier gait, something I never thought I’d say.

My hacking RI, even snuck me on a small piece of field to canter and he didn’t disappoint. A year ago, I wouldn’t have thought I’d request to ride this gorgeous coloured but now I’m loving the rides I’m having on him.

That was why I asked to ride him again. I got mounted and then I got a surprise when my hacking RI said I could either stay on him or go on a ride out with her and some of the other girls who help out at the yard if I switched to Bella. I immediately agreed despite knowing that it was Bella and I’ve felt recently like I’ve hit a block with her and wouldn’t go faster than a trot. But it was a lovely sunny day and I thought it’d be great to ride out with the others on the horses. It was also my hacking RI’s birthday so it was only right she got to ride on her favourite horse on her birthday.

So I dismounted and got on Miss Bella. I walked up the hill on the farm hack with everyone, feeling like I was part of the group. I talk a lot to the other girls so I didn’t feel out of place riding with them.

I started off riding behind my hacking RI and we got onto the field and she asked if I was ready to canter. I don’t think I was thinking anything. But when Bella leapt forward into a trot then a beautiful canter, I felt elated! Miss Diva had done it for me. It was a considerable canter but not a really long one but I didn’t care! A canter on that pretty bay was more than I could have wished for. I patted her and exclaimed, “You beauty Bella! You Beauty!”.

We attempted another one but she wouldn’t go. I had to tap her up with my reins to get her to trot.

But then on the last one, she flew!!!!! Bella can really fly in canter when she wants to. It was incredible! I gave a squeeze as all the horses cantered along and Bella just flew with me on her back. We rode near to my hacking RI but she kept going and going. She has a smooth canter. Even smoother than Shadow’s. It is beautiful and it was incredible to feel her flying with me in harmony on her back. I’ve had some amazing canters with Shadow and the others but somehow, finally getting a good long stretch on that pretty bay mare made it that more special!

My hands, legs and seat were light on her and our trots were beautiful to. I really felt in harmony with her today. The strange but incredibly nice feeling was her lifting her hooves in such a beautiful walk. That horse may have attitude but when she gives, she gives it all!

Once off the field, she cut in front of my hacking RI. We followed another rider and besides my hacking RI just telling me to follow the horse in front, hooves precisely to avoid going down a hidden hole, I rarely needed much help.

Bella was like a different horse today. Gone was the care taker and in her place was a horse who can let down her mane with the best of them, even with little old me on her back! She’s a real pleasure to ride when we’re not fighting with each other. I seriously could have cried!

Thank you Bella!

And this was all done in the sunshine. A fabulous ride! Lots of great chats and well worth the money spent. Roll on longer rides. It’s given me back my zest for learning. All that Bella has taught me so far paid off in a hack with her today.



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  1. I read this and was reminded of the many school horses I’ve had the pleasure to know over the years (I’m not counting – years or horses…) It strikes me that they get every bit as bored of the ‘same old, same old’ as we do. I think this was just what the Doctor ordered for both of you. I’m willing to bet she went back on the yard and said to her mates – Here – that girl Marie isn’t as boring as I thought! Good on you both – and a little mention for good old Kenny too for offering you a great option to Mr Wonderful Shadow 🙂 What a star he is 🙂

    1. Thanks Lorraine. Yeah, Kenny is a gem. And I had a good look at how awesome the diva can be. I found her let down her mane buttons after all. 🙂

  2. YOU BEAUTY MARIE! Rides like these, where you get a big smack-in-the-face reminder of your progress mean a lot. I bet the world felt like only you and Bella were in it when she went for you! Talk about worth waiting for 🙂

    1. Thanks Debz. Yep. Precisely that. Just me and Bella in those few moments and lots of horses hooves cantering around us. it was fabulous! And not once did I feel unsafe or nervous. Can’t wait to ride her again on a hack.

  3. This is brilliant Marie, what a fabulous couple of rides you had, especially the one on Bella.

    1. Thank you. I am still buzzing from it. Just super happy I had that chance to ride out with the girls on that pretty mare. 🙂

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