Episode 52

Episode 52 Plan of Action

Jay and caitlin were busy preparing for Seduction’s grand opening. He had talked to his aunts and uncles and they’d all decided that Leah should move in, if she wanted to with Rose. Caitlin hadn’t been so sure Leah would want to. It was in a city she’d not lived for the longest time. But she agreed. Saying she owed it to Rose to help her out in whatever way she could. Jay knew that Ebony wouldn’t be bothering them. She was still in lock up with his sister’s ex boyfriend, stewing. He would deal with them when he had a chance but every waking minute was being spent preparing for the grand opening.

“Where the hell are the glasses?” Caitlin was stressing as he walked into the plush office that was situated on the top floor next to VIP in their club. “I ordered them six weeks ago, we’re opening tomorrow night so they had better appear or I will ensure no one in LA does business with you again!” She slammed down the receiver and placed her head into her hands.

“Well, handled,” JC admired as he leaned against the door frame. She lifted her head and looked in his direction, a smile creeping onto her soft, pink lips. “You never try to calm me, or mollify me,” The smile was filled with appreciation. “Most men would say something patronising like, ‘there, there, it’ll all work out”, not you.” “Nope,” he sat at the desk, beside her, leaning back in the leather chair and shaking himself mentally. He’d never have envisioned he’d be where he was today a year ago and yet here he was, about to open a second club in a prime location, he was a home owner and in a relationship with a beautiful girl who he was desperately in love with. He smiled, pride erupting inside his heart. “Everything’s in place,” She closed her macbook as she stood. “Just those blasted glasses better get here.” “They will,” He laughed gently. “If they know what’s good for them.” She walked to the water cooler and poured a drink as he watched her, her long blonde hair flung into a ponytail, her body womanly and curvy, the way he liked it. He couldn’t imagine being with another woman now and that scared him. “Want one?” She turned to him and he walked to her, wrapping her up in a hug. “Caitlin, I have to tell you something. Something really important.” His tones were like crushed velvet. His arms warm and safe around her waist. “What is it?” Panic rose in her. Had he been playing away? No, that was ridiculous! When would he has time? “I love you,” He kissed her lips with complete finality. Her heart danced and she kissed him back with passion she never knew she could feel. “I love you to,” Her arms wrapped around his muscular neck as he lifted her into his arms, their passion increasing.This was right! Despite everything, she and he just worked!

“I better get back to work,” She smiled warmly at him as he let her back on her feet. “Yeah, lets get this show on the road, baby girl!”

Emily stepped into the house she and Cory shared with Caitlin and Jay and felt a sense of relief as she put her keys on the kitchen Island. She walked to the refrigerator and poured herself a glass of orange juice. Quickly she spat a mouthful out as she looked down at the orange carton, it had obviously been opened a while. Opening the refrigerator again she noted how empty it was. The kitchen didn’t look like it had been used in days. The black counter tops gleaming with cleanliness that she suspected hadn’t been used since their cleaner had last been here. Walking to the answering machine she noticed there were four blinking lights indicating there were four messages awaiting to be heard. The oldest was from the day after she’d left for Hawaii. Where were Caitlin and JC?

Walking through the rest of the house she noticed it was clean and hardly looked lived in. Their bedroom door was open enough for her to see the hamper of laundry piled to the top and their bed neatly made. Why was their door open? If Ebony was still here, surely they’d have locked it? An anxious knot in her stomach made her text Caitlin.

“Hey girl, everything OK? I just got home to our show house. Haha,” Hitting send, she felt uneasy. Maybe it was the house or maybe it was the ring sitting on her finger. Cory had asked her to marry him in Hawaii. It was perfect! The kind of proposal any girl would want and she’d said yes of course but now back in LA, she wondered if it wasn’t way too soon. The anxiety wasn’t about the house, she decided, it was about her own uncertain future.

Cory and she couldn’t marry, not yet. And she wasn’t sure of the engagement at all. Glancing in the mirror in their bedroom, even the fact his stuff was cluttering the bedside table irked her. She was resenting him. Not because of his presence but for the type of future he had been talking non stop about with her on the plane. She wasn’t ready to let go of her single life just yet. She wasn’t ready to say goodbye to her friends, her freedom and her party days. She was twenty-six years old and she just wasn’t ready for the restraints that marriage and a family would place upon her. Looking into her green eyes reflected in the mirror, she realised she’d have to call it off with Cory. And not just the engagement either.

Caitlin heard her phone buzz as she inspected the last minute touches to the DJ booth. The technology was top of the range. The club was going to be a huge success. The VIP launch night was headlining some great acts! She still couldn’t believe that one of the West coast’s top rap artists had agreed to perform and in turn, he’d managed to get a female RNB star to perform to. She knew it had something to do with the rapper being into the gang scene and JC pulling a few strings. She didn’t care. The posters looked great! The club was going to be a huge success!

Pulling out her iPhone she heard the synthetic voice announce Emily had sent her an iMessage. She laughed as she typed a response. “We’re fine, Em. Just have been eating out all week. Ebony’s gone so don’t worry. How was the vacay?” Pocketing her phone and hearing the delivery doorbell, she headed downstairs.

JC finished the paperwork for both Viva and Seduction in the office he loved in seduction. Out of the window he could see the sprawling streets of LA and he knew he’d made it. The door burst open and caitlin was grinning.

“The glasses are here. Alex is unloading them and stocking them now. I’m going shopping for my launch outfit, that cool?” he pulled her into his lap and kissed her deeply. “Of course. Enjoy yourself baby girl. Buy something nice!” He placed his credit card into her hand and she shook her head. “Take it Caitlin. it’s the first time in my life I can legitimately spoil the woman I’m with.” Kissing him, she thanked him and headed out of the door. He leaned back and smiled warmly. His phone rang then and glancing at the caller ID he saw it was Big D.

“What we doing with Ebony and her little boyfriend?” His deep voice inquired casually. “Sort it!” He ordered.”I’m kinda tied up with the club so you and the boys fix it, Big D.” “Aight, boss,” Big D laughed gently. “You got it!” His tone was malicious and Jc grinned with satisfaction. He knew Ebony would never bother his family again after what his boys had in store for her and his sister’s waste of space ex. It was time he lived the high life. The road may not have been a smooth one or a legitimate one to begin with but now, it was going good for him and that was the way it was going to stay! He’d make sure of it.

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