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Because of the adverse weather conditions, I’ve not had a lesson for a few weeks. It was telling in my lesson on Thursday.

I felt hard to get going, to keep it all in place but slowly and surely, it was coming back.Bella was being her usual particular self and even at some points was being damn right unhelpful. Several times my RSO tapped her on the rear with a crop to assist me. She said I was asking and doing everything correctly so Bella should respond.

The one task we were faced with on Thursday was me keeping Bella going. Even when she stopped trotting, instead of stopping, walking was essential and I kept getting asked, “Have you stopped?” It was a very tiring lesson with a lot of trotting and me regaining my composure on horse back in the school.

Apparently, my position is looking great and after one blib where my hands and legs tensed, my hands, legs and seat were much lighter and when it worked with Bella, it was beautiful!

I learnt to keep opening and closing my hands on the reins to keep her attention when we were going around the school to keep her from drifting and keep her mind on me and not her own crazy thoughts.

Some of the trots on her were some of the best I’ve had in the school. She was forward, I was rising nicely and it was slowly coming together. I just hope this continues instead of breaks as a few weeks from the school causes marie to step backwards.

I did drift so much from F at one point that my RI said if I was aiming for a change of rein, it would have been beautiful.

Bella’s a great teacher and she’s definitely one mare that’s in charge of you sometimes more than any other horse. She’s a true character. I won’t deny I’m looking forward to the day I graduate from the basics with Bella but I’m certain I’ll never graduate with her completely.

The highlight of Thursday wasn’t actually my lesson though. I got to brush Shadow and hang with him a lot. I also tacked him up for another rider and helped out all over the yard. Shadow had come back from a ride with another lady who I assisted getting off by holding Shadow’s reins to keep him still. He nuzzled me, as though to say, “Why didn’t we go out together?” What a fabulous pony. I also helped ease a lady’s nerves as she was really upset when she got on Bella and didn’t think she could do it. I just told her Bella would take care of her, and that’s so true. She thanked me when she came back from a wonderful ride with her ladyship. It was nice to help in many ways on Thursday. Although I did knock over two barrows by accident. The first I cleaned up, the second wasn’t so bad and my hacking RI quickly put it back in. I hate that side of it for me, the utter clumsiness and not always having the ability to clean up the mess I created. I’m sure I’m a nuisance for that.

Anyway, fingers crossed for thursday,


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  1. Lol trust me it’s not just you that’s clumsy – and look on the bright side – at least you have an excuse!! Great that you were able to help someone else build up their courage This riding lark brings everyone together. Even HRH Bella has her uses 🙂 Good luck this week.

  2. N’aww: Shadow snuggles! What a fab lesson: we all gather a bit of rust. In fact, I don’t even need rust: I generally had one bad lesson performance a month, and I learned that 1/4 wasn’t a bad set of odds. Look at how much you achieved when you worked through it – the trot work sounds lovely!

    You did help: believe me, you don’t need to be blind to be clumsy! lol. You tacked up, held horses, soothed nerves – I’d take refilling a barrow as payment for that any day 😉

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