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When I arrived at the yard on Sunday morning, I fancied a change. I asked to ride the gorgeous coloured gelding, Kenny. As I’ve said before, he’s my hacking RI’s favourite and he and I had an uneasy start to our riding career. I found him incredibly bouncy compared to Bella and Shadow and often found it disconcerting in his saddle.

With the introduction of miss Magic last summer though, my ability to handle the bouncier gait horse has dramatically increased. In fact, after yesterday’s ride, I’d say I positively love and enjoy the bouncier gait now.

I mounted and followed behind another horse. He was relaxed beneath me, my lessons in the school assisting with this greatly. My lighter hands prevented him from leaning but I kept the contact beautifully so he and I had so much compulsion. He was constantly listening to me and he just felt amazing beneath me.

We hadn’t even done a trot when my hacking RI steered just Kenny and I on the field for a canter. I really wasn’t sure what I’d get from the lovely gelding as it’s been a good while since we’d cantered together. I gave a little squeeze, hands, seat and legs so light it was beautiful to spring forward into a collected canter that I sat so perfectly to. I don’t remember ever having such a good seat on Kenny during a canter before. Even my hacking RI commented how lovely it was.

It was the only canter we would get on that ride as ground isn’t the greatest and no other opportunity arose to try another but the trots were fabulous.

My RI was constantly making me call out my diagonals again which she’s not done for ages and I was correct on every single one which made me beam!

I dismounted after a wonderfully relaxed ride and was put on Shadow next. Whilst we were waiting though, I was standing outside Kenny’s stable and my hacking RI said, “aww, she’s seen you!” I asked who and she replied Bela. I had to go over and say hello. For that lovely mare to see me and prick her ears made me smile. Gotta love my school teacher. 😉

Once mounted on lovely Shadow, we took the road route. He felt so tense compared to Kenny and in our first trot, we saw why. He was lame on his back left leg. He’d just done a jumping lesson so goodness knows how he did it but after I jumped off and they trotted him up, he was definitely lame.

I got to ride Kenny again!

He was as responsive and perfect as the previous ride. I got another lovely canter and lots of wonderful trotting on this road route. I’m starting to love riding this babe of a horse. Took me a while to warm to him but I’m so there.

All that i’m learning in the school is totally translating into my hacks and I’m feeling more and more relaxed and capable with each week with the tools I’m gaining in the school.

I hope to do a longer hack in a few weeks but not on Bella if I can help it. Not because I don’t like her or don’t enjoy riding her but I want some pleasure hacking not feel like I’m in the school still. haven’t managed to find her let down her hair buttons yet. 😉

I hope Mr Shadow is OK. I went to say goodbye to him and he wouldn’t even leave his hay. Normally, I can get him to come and give me a cuddle, even briefly but not yesterday.

Lets see what Thursday holds though.

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  1. Poor Shadow – sounds like he really wasn’t himself. Hope he gets well soon!

    Kenny’s clearly a testament to how far your balance, seat and relaxation has come: sounds like you’d two fab rides on him! Bouncier horses are always disconcerting at first, but when it stops bothering you, they’re usually a lot of fun I find! It sounds like Kenny was also great evidence of your schooling translating across disciplines: Miss Bella is certainly a wise teacher, as is your RSO 😉

  2. So ‘let your hair down buttons’ huh?! 🙂

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