Bailey’s Dlog: Entry 7, snow!

Hello lovely friends.

It’s been a while. I do apologise but mummy has been hogging the computer. But she did say I could come on and tell and show you my fun in the snow.

It’s snowed a few times but last night it really snowed and I bounced in it lots but mummy videoed me this morning.

I wasn’t being naughty but what was that giant thing in the yard? I was fascinated! Fascinated I tell you. Then she throws me a snowball and I run after it but then need a wee. I wish sometimes I could tell mummy I wasn’t being bad and was just being a doggy. I needed to pee, all that wet stuff makes a dog wanna go.

Anyway, Hope all you lovely dogs and friends are good and you’re having as much fun in the snow as me and my mummy are. I’ve been taking good care of her on the ice all week and I think today we’ll have to be careful in the snow. But I like taking care of her so it’s OK.

Enjoy my antics!

Lord Bailey

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