Winter Equestrian Games

I really didn’t think I’d be riding this morning but text my hacking RI just to check. To my ultimate joy riding was on. Hurray!

I didn’t think we’d canter and I knew i’d have a leader today but did not expect what we did during our rides today and it was so much fun, almost like having our own winter equestrian games. Well, sort of. 🙂

We mounted in the school, after I’d had a cuddle with my lovely Shadow. My hacking RI had already put me on him. I had no clue what we’d be doing. The snow was falling and there was ice on the paths but fun and games were to be had on the snow covered field.

Once mounted, we all headed up the lane, the leaders leading the horses around the ice patches which were surprisingly not so bad and we managed to get past all the ice with no incident. Once on the field, which we had entered below the hill, We did a canter up it. Shadow was so forward and bouncing along happily.

We basically cantered all over the field in this and that direction. The first ride he responded so nicely and we cantered every time beautifully but on the second ride he’d decided cantering was not fun anymore and the snow was getting old so we trotted mostly all over the field. However, on the last long stretch, I got hold of a crop and, “Zoom!” we sped off in a high fly canter. I forgot to drop the crop back to my leg and he just kept going at speed. I managed to stop him but got a feel of what extra fast canters feel like on Shadow. Not sure why I couldn’t take my hand off the rein, I really needed to but hey-ho, it was fun!

Back to the first ride though, once we’d done lots of cantering, I lost track of how much we did, our hacking RI had a few games up her sleeve for us all.

First, she told us all to drop our reins and let our leaders keep hold of the horse and in walk, wave our arms around in a big circle. That was a lot of fun and raised a few giggles in our mixed age and experienced group. Then she told us to pick up our reins and take our feet out of the stirrups and circle our feet around without kicking our horses, again if we wanted we could do this in walk. Then we returned to the school and we did something that was a lot of fun and kind of crazy!

We did all around the world. For those not familiar with this, it basically means you spin your whole body around in the saddle. First, you swing your right leg over the horse’s neck, then you swing your legs over his bum and then you swing your left leg back over the horse’s neck so you are sitting in the correct position again. Then we had a race doing it. I totally lost. But it was a lot of fun and made us all laugh.

The wind was bitter and freezing snow flurries hit us hard in the face but the spirit at our yard this morning was pretty fun despite the wintery weather. We had a lot of the school lesson kids on our hack but everyone seemed to have a lot of fun this morning, horses included. Shadow was definitely having fun cantering with his friends on the first ride, but I’m guessing he wasn’t so keen when most horses on the second ride were only trotting until that last canter. Oh the fun! Great morning, even if it took ages to warm up and I definitely have wind burn on my cheeks now!

It’s official, riding horses in the snow is awesome!

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  1. So jealous: I’d love to hack in the snow! You needed this though, and I’m glad you had such fun 🙂 Crops are wonderful things: I’m never without mine!

    Gosh, Around the World Takes Me Back. Thread the Needle’s another good one. Maybe the snow should stick around a bit longer? lol 🙂

  2. I needed a reason to think this weather was good for something – you just gave it to me 🙂 Your exploits never fail to make me smile 🙂

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