Discovering Muscles

I wasn’t sure if I’d be riding yesterday as I’d felt simply awful Friday and Saturday. But I decided to make myself go. My head wasn’t pounding and I didn’t feel faint so I’d be OK to ride.

I had a little surprise when I got to the yard, the lovely coloured gelding, Kenny, who has been on and of work for a few months now was working. So I jumped at the chance to ride him. I was also putting into place my back to basics lesson my School RI had given me on Thursday. Light in the seat, light legs and hands and try to not bum shuffle, remaining still in the saddle so I didn’t send mixed messages. After two rides of doing that, I have now discovered different muscles are working in my bum and legs.

We didn’t get to canter as there were lots of quad bikes on the farm yesterday. But I was pleased with my walk and trot on the lovely Kenny. He was responsive, if somewhat heavy in my hands.

I asked to ride Shadow next. This ride was funny. There was only me on it as a rider and one of the girls was walking out our smallest pony as she’s not being used as much. She threw a few bucks on canters and Shadow and I remained very controlled and consistent.

He was funny yesterday, lovely and forward in canter but trot and walk were such an effort for him. I think he may have been a bit bored. We did the road route and its not one of my favourites either but it was the only chance of getting canters yesterday and two beautiful ones I did get.

It was dry and didn’t feel so cold and I got a lovely ride on two beautiful horses so a great start to the new year in hacking.

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