50 Random Things

There was a twitter hash tag, #50Randomthings that people were doing. I really enjoyed reading them but know how arsey some were getting about the 50 tweets. And I usually lose count of those things so decided to blog my 50 random things for you instead.

1I Was born in England and have only been to the US and Greece. 2. I sprayed my auntie, uncles and grandma with a hose pipe when I was 2. They all ran into the house to get away from me. 3. I was born with a rare eye condition, primary congenital Glaucoma that only effects 1 in 4 million girls worldwide. Lucky old me! 4. I was partially sighted until I was six and a half. Had light perception for a few years but nothing since around the age of ten. 5. I’ve always been an attention seeker. Always sang, danced and acted for family and . I used to record my own radio shows on a tape player and also used to act out my favourite TV shows. 6. I have been writing since I was 5. Just plays and little stories. 7. I had an imaginary friend called Goldy Locks and always had imaginary animals. Used to pretend to ride a horse to school. 8. I learnt to swim at the age of 6. 9. I always wanted a pony and it was always on my Christmas list along with a barbie dream house. Never got either. 10. I was really a girlie girl. 11. Some of my favourite toys were secret keepers, puffalumps, dolls, my little ponies, Sulvanian families and barbie and Cindy dolls. 12. I always loved reading. Had those once upon a time series as a child. 13. I learnt to read braille when I lost my sight. 14. I was a huge X-files fan! 15. I wasn’t a very rebellious teen. Didn’t have much to rebel against, parents were lenient. 16. I snuck into a club at the age of 13. Only for 2 minutes but I did it. 17. I hated using the cane and always wanted to catch the bus to school with everyone else. 18. I learnt to touch type at 8. 19. Some of my most enjoyable teen years was spent performing, either with my youth theatre group or my school coir and drama club. 20. I was proud of my academic achievements. 21. I always wanted to go to the US and succeeded at 19. 22. I lived in California for an entire year, best year of my life! 23. Music is one of my biggest influences. I couldn’t live without it. 24. I’m happier when I’m reading or writing. 25. I began horse riding at the age of 26 and have been so happy ever since. 26. I’m determined but get bored easily. 27. I met some famous people. Sarah Brightman, [opera singer], the game [the rapper], Sean McGuire, [90s singer and actor]. 28. I drove a car once or twice. 29. If I don’t like you, I won’t be nice to you. 30. I find confrontation hard but won’t be backed into a corner so will say it if it really needs to be said. 31. I’ve tried weed and LSD. 32. I got drunk a lot in uni/college. 33. I was desperate to lose my virginity and only achieved that goal in America. 34. I talk a good talk. Seem more confident than I am inside. 35. Don’t see the point in lying. 36. I love to laugh, hard laugh, belly aching laughing. 37. Dogs and horses are my favourite domesticated animals, but I love lions and tigers. 38. I wish I were more techy but I can do what I do and that’s OK with me. 39. I want to work with animals. 40. Topaz is my favourite jewel while white or rose gold is my favourite metal. Partial to pink diamonds to. 41. I have a temper when ultimately pushed. 42. I hate wearing heels. Much prefer flat boots or trainers. 43. I got run over by a 58 bus on Valentine’s Day when I was 17. It ran over my foot. I was very lucky. 44. I believe in spirits and I’m not religious but believe in the more Wicca route than organised religion. 45. Fire terrifies me. I fear of dying in fires. 46. I want to own my own horses one day and set up a therapy centre for people 47. My friends mean a lot to me but I won’t force friendships, I believe a friendship is a two way street. 48. Baby pink, light purple and baby blue are my favourite colours. 49. I’m a huge Disney fan. I still watch the DVDs and collect the soft toys. 50. I am who I am, take me or leave me, I don’t mind.

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