Quiet But Pleasant Xmas

Christmas in our house can be stressful, fraught with tension and arguments but this year was a definite difference. I’m not complaining. No one fell out, no one yelled, but my sister’s boyfriend asked for her hand in marriage. I’m afraid I’m still giggling about this. And I was in the kitchen when it happened.

Anyway, got some lovely things, a new riding coat with the riding school’s name, my name and my favourite horse’s name on the back, a Peter Kay DVD and some new jodhpurs from the parents. Sister was very smart and got me some lovely body shop stuff and my second mum got me some lovely doggy PJs and a wine set. My auntie and uncle got me a hoodie and an iTunes gift voucher so feel very spoilt. šŸ™‚

Mum and I watched Mrs Browns’ boys Monday night which was christmas Eve and mum had never seen it before. Think she’s a fan now.

Sister and family came over Christmas Day. Bailey and I had gone for a lovely, quiet festive walk when they’d arrived and returned to eat yummy food and drink some lovely wine.

Boxing day was quiet to and I pigged out. What’s Christmas for right?

I think the best thing for me for Christmas this year, was the fact I was walking out with my Bailey Bop by my side in harness still. After the year we had, I’m pleased he’s still working and working well at that. I don’t know how much longer we’ll be a team but for as long as it is good, I’m happier and thankful that was a gift he could give me this year for Christmas. I know he’ll not work forever, but I’m grateful he is still doing so and enjoying to do so at that. Bless my lovely boy.

Riding has been epic this last few weeks, and I hope that continues into the new year.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous time with their friends and family.

Speak soon, Hugs, MJ

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