Laying The Foundations

I had my first riding lesson in the school today for a few weeks. With weather and poorly children, it’s been the first chance we managed to get into the school and have a lesson. Rocking my new riding coat and jodhpurs courtesy of the parents, I mounted Bella and headed up to the school.

I expected nothing less but rustiness from yours truly but in all truth, if I say so myself, I didn’t do too badly. After my two hour hack on Miss Bella, I was a little worried I’d resort back to tense hands and legs. I didn’t over steer, my legs remained relaxed for most of the lesson but our energy lacked considerably but I’m thinking as I wasn’t the one being told off or chased with a crop, it wasn’t down to my riding. 😉

We did go over a jump today. No one get too excited, we were in our walk and Bella decided walking over a jump was a necessary experience for me instead of keeping to the E side of the school. Hopefully, one day, I’ll jump that pretty mare over a jump. 🙂

We tackled twenty metre circles today. I didn’t think we’d be tackling those for a long while but today, after a walk and an attempted trot around the school, the 20 metre circles were learnt. We counted the paces, and I mapped out in my head where and when I needed to turn Bella. I always envisioned circles would be hard. There is no fence to follow for my hearing so I’m relying on physical feeling of turning and counting paces. According to my instructor, every first half of the circle was perfect every time but once we passed across the centre line, Bella kept trying to cut past K so I need to work on working her hard to keep her on the circle. I was really pleased with how much I achieved during this first attempt at circles.

She asked if I was ready to trot, and I laughed. I knew, just through sitting on Bella today, trotting would be a challenge but my RI ran with me on two circles to give me the idea of how much quicker I have to think and move to get around the circle. I loved it! And on the last try, I got her halfway around the circle in trot. Huge thing for me to achieve that.

Last walk around the school and she was such a good girl. I’d just have liked to have seen more energy from Miss Diva but it was our first time back in the school for around three weeks so we’re laying a solid foundation.

After my lesson was over, and I’d untacked her ladyship, I asked if I could watch my hacking RI and another older girl do a bit of jumping in the school. It was fascinating to watch the horses, who are privately owned by other riders jumping some jumps and nice to know that there is always something to learn from each horse. Was wonderful to see my hacking RI, one of my inspirations for riding jumping in a lesson and receiving instructions from my school instructor to. 🙂

A great way to spend a Thursday afternoon. I’m excited for a hack on the weekend.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas!



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  1. Fab Marie! I think circles could be one of those cases where feel really comes into its own – if you get a horse flexing correctly, then you’ll really feel the circle. I want to try it with my eyes closed now! Still, perfect circles are hard for everyone – to be halfway there on your first attempt is great – well done 😀 I’ve no doubt you’ll be jumping, and how wonderful to watch a great session of jump-schooling 🙂

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