Bailey’s Dlog: Entry 6

Merry Christmas everyone!

So, yes, it’s been a while. And people, it’s been a busy while. Mummy and I went to London and watched the horses perform dancing. If I wasn’t there, I wouldn’t believe it true but I swear it doggy peoples, those horses can dance.

Mummy was very worried about me, as i’d had a few confidence lapses in the city. Well, I was feeling tired that day but when my Auntie *** brought a little dog to stay at my house who wore a harness like me, forget that, I thought, I’ll show you! Mummy said that other dog was too strong for her. Well, of course mummy, I’m the only boy for you to walk at your side. Silly mummy. Anyway, I’ve been a real good boy ever since and mummy says I’ve been working like a dream, even in Manchester where she’d been worried about me. I don’t want to stop working just yet so I figured I’d pick my paws up ladies and Gents.

We went on a new train last week to Manchester. How exciting that was. Mummy says, when, all the kiddie winkles are back at school, we can go into the city together to see how much a good boy I am again.

It’s been the humans Christmas this week. Santa Paws visited me boys and girls, did he visit you? I was extra good and got lots of nice things. Hope he came and put nice presents in your stockings. I have two you know?

Anyway, I must go, mummy doesn’t know I’m on the computer.

Tata for now, Lord Bailey

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