Merry Christmas

Each year, I hear family and friends complaining that there is little Christmas spirit and I often experience the same feelings. But somewhere, somehow, I always get into the Christmas spirit. Last year, I was riding my favourite horse when it happened, and the snow started falling and we were all singing Christmas songs on the ride. This year, I’ve been afraid to think it just wouldn’t happen. But tonight, whilst watching the International horse show of Olympia, it did. After the gold stakes class, they did their finale and I felt all Christmas spirited inside. Next year, I just have to go to Olympia. I love that show and it has dressage and Show jumping which I love.

This week has been cool. Went into Manchester to pick a present up for mum and the Bailey dog worked like a dream. I was super happy with him as he’s had an off and on thing with Manchester this year but he worked like a pro through the crowds with no stress at all.

We went to Hard Rock Cafe as it was my sister’s birthday and I promised to take her somewhere. Thursday I took Bails for a lovely free run who enjoyed it thoroughly. Watch here.

Then Friday, had to do some shopping with mum and pick up things like prescriptions and such. I also had last minute wrapping to do. Then Saturday, it was my dad’s birthday and I was also getting the best treat of my life and doing for the first time, a two hour hack. it was fabulous! It rained but it was totally awesome.

Today I went to the yard again and rode Shadow as Bella was who I rode yesterday for my first two hour hack. Then just hung out at home and watched Olympia tonight. Felt very tired so probably going to write my riding blogs and then curl up in bed.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and the best 2013.

Lots of hugs, MJ

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