You May Go Up But Always Must Come Down

I rode on sunday after my lesson unfortunately got cancelled this week. I asked to ride Shadow first. It couldn’t be a more perfect ride. The sun was shining, the ice all gone and my new leg aids were working amazingly with Mr Shadow. My hands were helping so much in canter to.

Trotting up the hill was seamless, and he did all I asked of him. I felt better in the rising trots to. I’m guessing that flick and controlled movement comes with practice so much.

On the field, I didn’t know how our canters would be. The horse in front of us was only trotting but when I gave my leg aid to canter, we went from walk to canter. That was a fluke, right? Well, it may have been but after all lining up again, but this time following two horses that were cantering, we did it again. Sprang from a walk to canter. I felt amazing. I was in my seat, hands, legs, heels were all doing what they are supposed to. It feels so much better now that I’m allowing the hands to move with his head and clearly he likes it to. The best thing was, I could find it easier to keep him going to, a few squeezing along the way to let him know, keep going Mr Shadow. Loved every minute of it! I want more glorious canters like that!

Someone else had him on the next ride but I wasn’t going to ask my lovely white friend for another as he’d worked so hard for me on the previous ride and I know he had a flat lesson before. I opted for Mr Harry who I haven’t ridden in the longest time.

I felt he would take a lot to get moving so I used a lot of leg and seat and eventually shifted him up from plod to amiable horse. His trots were short lived but not because of his lack of enthusiasm but the girl on Shadow couldn’t get him or keep him going. But the less said about that the better.

When it came for me to canter, as the other two riders were only trotting, Harry was being a stubborn horse. Because his friends had gone a different way, he decided to ignore me. He took me over to the bushes and no amount of leg would make him move. My RI came over and helped so we could try for another canter and canter he did, went from halt to canter in fact. He was going the fastest I’d ever seen Harry go and that wasn’t the issue, the issue arose when Harry pulled his head down. Well, we can all guess what happened next? I went out through the front door. Thankfully, he stopped, and I just ache a bit today but a fabulous fall if I do say so myself. My RI gave me a leg up, after checking I was OK and we continued on the ride.

What had been the funniest part was that I said, I wouldn’t mind riding out on Harry on a longer ride and my RI had said that he had this habit of holding his head low during canters. He apparently does it when jumping to. Then he showed me exactly what he was made of. I laughed it off, and she showed me how to pull him back next time Harry tries that trick on me.

I think she was secretly sad that she’d got more riders on this ride as she’d said we may have been riding out together but it didn’t happen that way. Although, we did talk about doing longer rides and she’s happy to do that so after Christmas, when the weather is not so cold and horrible, I’m definitely going to book a longer ride with her. Not on Harry though. Not until he and I have established how to not make Marie fly off the horse’s neck. 😉

Hopefully have my lesson on Thursday, so lets see how that goes. Missed Miss Bella.

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  1. Oopsies! Glad you’re alright and got back on: it’s happened to us all at some point I’m sure, pulled out the front door pretty much 🙂 Sounds like a fab ride on Shadow, and good work on Harry all obstacles considered. Yay to longer rides in the new seasonI 😀

    I used to ride a WB Annie that did that in canter and more so when jumping: shorter reins and lots of leg to keep her in the contact were how P told me to ride her, and occasioanally to lift my hands to try and make her head follow them. When she was loaned out to a teenager, the teen ignored P and went back to the rein length Annie was asking for… and she fell off a lot, including nearly every time the pair jumped, especially as Annie can throw her shoulder too (a mare’s prerogative)! Getting yanked if they’re tugging you low is no fun, and not seeing it coming can’t help at first either. Starsky lowers and tucks in his head to avoid mud when cantering, and I keep my elbows soft to move with him. I’m sure a ride leader or the RSO will teach you a few tricks for Harry, if anything works. Although we all know at least one horse who defies all conventional methods over something! lol. 🙂

    1. Thanks Debz. Amazing how I used to think this horse was a plod. Ride leader did say hold hands up and half halt to prevent head going down next time. That horse flew into canter and I was impressed I sat so calmly to it. If he’d not pulled me out the front door, it would have been another fabulous canter to add to Sunday’s list. I’m excited to complete my learning of the school so I can start riding horses like Shadow in there. That walk to canter transition was bloody brilliant! and no crop necessary on Shadow at all. Just shows my legs are getting effective. Huge smiles over here. 🙂

  2. It’s good to know you bounce! That’s twice now and still you go back for more … Good on you – and best of luck with Her Ladyship on Thursday 🙂

    1. That fall was just a tiny one. 14.3. I know I’ll have worse. if I want to jump anyway at some point 🙂

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