Almost There

I arrived to an ice free yard on Sunday morning. It felt nice to walk around and not fear your bum would meet the cold floor for once.

I asked to ride Bella first. I knew I’d be doing two rides as I usually do, despite the previous ride the day before as I’d not had my lesson last week due to the weather.

I mounted and we headed up onto the farm route.

Bella was lovely and forward, took a few moments for her to wake up in her first trot but we got there. I am seeing, with each ride with her a significant improvement. I hope that transfers back into the school this week.

We were almost there with the canter, she was building and ready to fly into one at any moment but then she got her own ideas about where to go and we lost all momentum. But that was OK. We are getting closer and I know once I’ve pressed her buttons, she’ll be a little more willing to canter with me on her back. I’m still learning about Bella and her buttons so I know eventually it will come.

Walking down the lane, she was a little wonky and I checked myself and hacking RI said it wasn’t me, then she stopped for a pooh so maybe that was the cause, who knows?

I’m excited to ride her in the school this week and I am falling for the beautiful bay.

It was a toss up who I’d ride next. I went to visit Shadow for a bit. Give him lots of cuddles and just chilled with him between our rides. My hacking RI came to ask who I wanted to ride and I told her to pick for me. It was between Shadow, Harry and Kenny. I haven’t ridden the other two for a while but a part of me didn’t want to rule Shadow out. So another girl did the whole pointing exercise you do as kids to pick someone with a silly song. Apparently, I represented Shadow. Not sure why Shadow wasn’t representing himself but there you go.

Shadow won!

We went on the road route today and my gorgeous tall friend was really good. I worked on my rising trot with him and really am seeing the control difference with the new and learned trotting.

He didn’t canter for me on the first bit of ground we used. But he hasn’t willingly cantered off of the leg for me for a while on there. And I didn’t have my crop. Simply because I forgot it today. I found out, during the course of this ride that the reason we didn’t take crops the day before was because they’d been turned out for two days and were very flighty and would likely go crazy with a crop in sight. As Shadow’s performance the previous day, I can see the sensible decision was made to leave all crops behind the previous day.

Anyway, on the second cantering ground, he went beautifully! I cannot believe how amazing canter feels to me now. I knew I’d always love it but every time I get another beautiful one, I love it even more. My hands were moving with him and we could have gone longer but the ground ended and we found the horse in front too soon. πŸ™

Anyway, until next time,

Thanks for reading,


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  1. This is such a happy, laid back post I love it πŸ™‚ I’m glad to see a bit of tension has gone between you and Her Ladyship too! Hope the weather holds out for you this week. Lx

  2. Yay: another happy post and more fun with Miss Diva herself! Fab, and what a lovely canter it sounds you had πŸ™‚ You need to follow a faster horse πŸ˜‰ lol.

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