A Bella Break Through

I had a lot of feedback to consider and take in for yesterday’s lesson. I knew I’d be riding Bella and was OK with that.

I arrived and brushed a gorgeous Chestnut I’ve not met before. He’s on the yard to learn some things from the advanced riders for his owner. A gentle giant who was very obliging when I brushed him.

I had to get a leg up in the school as the ice on the yard made it impossible to use the mounting block. My hacking RI gave me a leg up but I accidentally kicked Bella in the bum which she was not happy about, understandably.

We just hung at A while I waited for my RI to come as they’re having to dig a trench in the field as a water pipe has burst causing problems of water logging in the fields.

Once we started, I relaxed. I didn’t clamp my legs around Bella’s side and when in walk kept nudging her. The responsiveness was incredible. She walked lovely. Some of my turning was a little sharp on occasion but gradually, that improved greatly.

The school has taken a lot of rain recently so to protect the surface, the school did not have a usual track down the B side. So there were some poles there which meant a lot of manoeuvring and no trotting down that side nor figure of eights today but it did mean a lot of other things. My slight turning was really tested and having Bella work for me was eased by my light hand and leg.

Something else we worked on yesterday was light seat. My RI asked me to sit as though I was hardly on her back in walk so I could prepare effectively for trot. You cannot believe the amazing feeling I got yesterday actually getting her to trot by myself. My RI didn’t run with me at all yesterday. She had to chase Bella once with a glove but that was the first time and once we’d worked on rising trot.

My rising trot was improved dramatically yesterday. I really got the flicking motion and kept her going and learnt to squeeze on while lowered to the saddle. We trotted the whole side of E and it was just amazing to me how I managed to get Bella into trot and then keep her there. It felt so easy to and not as though I was fighting her all the time either.

It’s enlightening to learn how much I improved yesterday just by lightening my seat, hands and legs and Bella actually responding! Amazing feeling. I really felt as though I got somewhere with her yesterday.

I’m hoping we don’t get a lot of rain in the next week so the school will be more usable and see how much more I learn with Bella. It will be definitely light leg, hand and seat this weekend with whoever I ride.

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  1. Sounds like you guys had an amazing lesson. I’m really pleased for you. It sounds like you’re making great progress with Bella. Its such a fantastic feeling when you conquer something on a horse that you’ve had difficulties with. Have a good time this weekend x

  2. Woop wooop finally getting somewhere with Madam! Great stuff Marie 😀 I knew you could do it! xxx

  3. Marie, I am about say some words that come with a great degree of satisfaction: TOLD YOU SO! :D. We knew you’d crack Bella! Of course there’s still lots to do and learn, what what a great step forward for your riding and with Bella herself! Our Lorraine’s a clever dicky too, full of wonderful advice 😉

    Brushing a new horse too and not batting an eyelid? You take everything into your stride, you do! 🙂 Well done Marie.

  4. Great news 🙂 Where there’s a will there’s a way – so they say – they also say less is more of course. You deserve every little breakthrough you get for sheer determination. Go You!!

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