Christmas Shopping, Hospital Appointments and other such Things

As some of you know, my sinuses have been giving me crap for years. This year, I’ve had a few sinus infections but during the summer my nose became runny and clogged and utterly disgusting. I discovered, through methods I shall not disclose that there is a suspicious looking thing up my nose that’s obscuring my right nostril to the nasal cavity. Having had two previous surgeries on my nose, I went straight to the doctors to see if other methods could be addressed first. For the past three months I’ve been administering a nasal steroid spray which has eased the symptoms but as soon as the bottle runs low, the problem is worsened again. So I asked to be referred to the hospital.

I got my appointment through today after I booked it online. Their site is very accessible and it’s cool that we can choose the hospital and time and day now. The only available appointment was 5TH of December so I grabbed it. My confirmation of the booking came through so lets hope the appointment holds.

Been feeling crappy all week. My sleeping patterns are all off and not felt so good either. A nasty cough attacked me yesterday and really effected my breathing. I haven’t been out with Bailey as much as I would have liked but he worked lovely in a pretty busy supermarket today.

My ridings all going OK so far. Well, my lessons are at the moment. Hacking tomorrow although the weather has given bad so it’ll be interesting riding in the wind and rain as always.

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I’ve actually got my bum into gear this week and have almost finished my Christmas shopping. Only need to get dad’s jeans and Bailey’s bed as long as a few little stocking fillers now. Even ordered my Christmas cards today. That’s a huge weight off of my mind.

Anyway, will update soon.

Hugs MJ

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