Adventures with My Favourite Horse

I was determined to have a care free couple of rides this morning and they were fabulous ones. My usual hacking RI wasn’t there today but the girl who took us kept an eye on my rising trot and didn’t smother me like some of the others do which was amazing. Shadow and I were on the rear of the first ride and he did great.

We did the farm hack today and he was very forward on his trots. He was so responsive today, I knew if he was free I’d be riding him again.

On the field, which was boggy as boggy can be today, he decided trotting would be easier but I tapped him up with the crop and he sprang into a lovely, controlled canter. We walked back across the field and I did another lovely trot. Down the cobbles we went and while we were waiting for the others to trot on so we’d have space to begin our trot, some idiot driver who was parked just behind us, started his engine and revved it so Shadow spooked a little. The leader and I calmed him instantly but what [insert nasty name here] some drivers are. It would have taken a few seconds to let us trot off but no, he had to rev his engine and scare my poor Shadow.

On the back lane, I didn’t even need to use my crop. He sprang off into a beautiful canter just from my leg. I sometimes think if you’ve used a crop once, they’re a little bit more willing to just go from the leg. Maybe I’m wrong but it seemed to be the case today.

I asked to ride him again and I jumped off and took him to his stable so he could grab some hay and some water. I was standing watching a little pony play with a treat ball which I didn’t even know existed for horses. It was the cutest watching this little pony kick the ball around his stable so he could get some carrots out of it. Cutest thing I’ve seen.

I mounted Shadow again and we went on the road route. I was initially at the back but requested to move forward as I feel a little exposed sometimes on the busier roads if I’m right at the back. So I moved to next to the back which was fine.

The ride leader promised to watch my rising trots as we’ve been working on them in my lessons. She said they were all good which was great to know. Again, first canter on this ride, he was not looking like he’d go from my leg so a quick tap and off he went.

No ignorant drivers on this ride but I nearly came off on the back lane which was quite interesting but has only confirmed my Pilates are helping my core stability and saved me from hitting the deck today. He sprang off very quickly into a fast canter, it was almost a gallop and took me a little by surprise and I struggled to regain my balance but I did, whilst losing my stirrups. I think either my heels weren’t completely in the right position due to my shock of the speed or something wasn’t right with my position but I regained my position and slowed him to a trot. It was fabulous!

A cold but sunny morning enjoyed with my favourite horse. πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading and the lovely comments on my last blog. Spoke to my RSO today and she said I did well in the group lesson but could appreciate the level of increased information and was pleased nevertheless.


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  1. What fab rides Marie, and just what you needed! Shadow sounds like the consumate gentleman πŸ™‚ That’s the idea of the crop – to make a horse listen to the leg so not use it. Some RS horses especially just need to know you’re willing to use it: once they know you are, they know you’re boss so help you out at the first opportunity. Murph was the same πŸ™‚ Well done for sticking on btw – Pilates is amazing! πŸ™‚

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